Whiskers on kittens, certainly

This week, the Debs are discussing our favorite things, and I’ve decided to resurrect and cobble together some good old-fashioned surveys to the purpose:

Favorite fast food restaurant? Five Guys

Favorite ice cream flavor? Mint chocolate chip

Favorite chocolate candy? Snickers

Favorite fruity candy? Jujubes

Favorite flavor Starburst? Strawberry (there is no other correct answer to this question)

Favorite Asian dish? Chicken fried rice

Favorite food of all time? Beignets from the Cafe du Monde in New Orleans

Favorite way to cook a steak? Medium, with

Favorite pasta dish? Angel hair with chicken, pesto, and pine nuts

Favorite cookie? Thin Mints

Favorite comfort food? Plain spaghetti with butter and salt

Favorite cake? Red velvet with buttercream icing (because I refuse to accept the chance in the matrix that has somehow convinced 95% of the world that cream cheese icing is appropriate on red velvet cake)

Favorite alcoholic drink? Prosecco

Favorite 80’s movie? Heathers

Favorite TV sitcom? Friends

Favorite TV show? The West Wing

Favorite music genre? Showtunes

Favorite style of dance? 16th century Italian court dances

Favorite state you’ve visited? Nothing beats Virginia, y’all.

Favorite country you want to visit? Since I’ve done the UK and Italy, Portugal is next on the list

Favorite beach? Corolla on the Outer Banks of North Carolina

Favorite thing to do at the beach? Drink wine and read.

Favorite vacation you’ve taken? Taking myself to Rome in 2016.

Favorite fictional place you’d want to visit? Dinotopia.

Favorite thing about traveling? Feeling free, like I can be anyone and do anything.

Favorite dinosaur? Parasaurolophus

Favorite breed of dog? Golden Retriever, Australian Shepherd, Pharaoh Hound

Favorite season? Summer

Favorite flower? Alstroemeria, bonfire roses

Favorite animal? Lions and wolves

Favorite thing in the sky? Stars

Favorite thing about a rainy day? Not being out in it

Favorite small mammal? Housecat

Favorite big cat? Lions. Also snow leopards. Also all of them.

Favorite thing about spring? Returning warmth and longer days.

Favorite Dr. Seuss book? The Lorax

Favorite Halloween costume you’ve worn? Aphrodite

Favorite lunchbox snack? Goldfish crackers

Favorite superhero? Rogue of the X-Men

Favorite video game? Mario Kart

Favorite fairy tale? The Snow Queen

Favorite game to play outside as a kid? Make-Believe (the more elaborate the scenario, the better)

Favorite perfume/cologne? Chimera from BPAL and Glass Slipper from Deconstructing Eden

Favorite hair color? On myself? Blonde.

Favorite makeup you can’t live without? Stila liquid eyeliner in Intense Black

Favorite shoes? Black lace-up boots

Favorite occasion to dress up for? ANY. I love dressing up.

Favorite hairstyle? Half-up and curled

Favorite soap scent? Honeysuckle

Favorite piece of jewelry? A red glass pendant necklace I’ve had since I was thirteen

Favorite thing to wear to bed? Tank tops

Favorite luxury brand? ::hysterical laughter:: I’m a Millennial. We can’t afford those.

Favorite candle scent? Honeysuckle (this is really just my all-time favorite scent, no lie)

Favorite holiday? Beltane

Favorite kind of house? Victorian farmhouses

Favorite crafty thing to make? Embroidery

Favorite way to relax? Wine tastings

Favorite book: The Scarlet Pimpernel

Favorite author: Terry Pratchett

Author: Cass Morris

Cass Morris lives and works in central Virginia and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She completed her Master of Letters at Mary Baldwin University in 2010, and she earned her undergraduate degree, a BA in English with a minor in history, from the College of William and Mary in 2007. She reads voraciously, wears corsets voluntarily, and will beat you at MarioKart.