Willpower vs. Social Media

images1I’m supposed to give y’all advice on how to write through distraction, but that’d be like an active alcoholic talking you out of a bender. I’m grateful to my Debutante Ball friends for picking this topic because it forced me to assess the gravity of my current situation:

A year ago I had no book deal and was last man standing on avoiding social media. I wrote 4-6 hours a day and had my mornings and nights largely open.

UnknownBook deal in hand, I crawled into the millennium, opened a Facebook account, and got active
on Twitter. I convince myself that time spent on these sites is critical for the writing career I won’t have if I don’t get my ass off of them to write. Now, in order to produce the same output, I am a member of the #5amwritersclub and put in an extra hour or two after the kids are asleep.
images2Having been Facebookless for the last decade, a short period where I catch up on everyone’s baby-making, political rants, and hilarious insights on motherhood seems warranted. I’m hopeful it’s a phase, but suspect my Twitter feed and Facebook friends have enough content to waste away whatever time I’m willing to proffer. I will, at some point, need to take back control. Awareness is the first step.

imagesSo, I hereby declare my 2016 New Years resolution:

  • Turn off the notifications on my phone. The temptation is clearly too powerful for me.
  • Add a reoccurring block of time on my calendar for 30 minutes of social media in the morning, and 30 more at the end of the day. Paws off otherwise.
  • Use the time I regain to get back into yoga, meditating, and WRITING.

If you have more suggestions, leave them in the comments. I need serious help people!

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Abby Fabiaschi is the author of I LIKED MY LIFE (St. Martin's Press, February 2017). She and her family divide their time between Tampa, Florida and Park City, Utah. When not writing or watching the comedy show that is her children, she enjoys reading across genres, skiing, hiking, and yoga. Oh, and travel. Who doesn’t love vacation? Learn more at abbyfabiaschi.com.

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  1. Abby I am also late to social media (2013; STILL not in FB; author page only). And for the same reasons. I was told to build my platform. I am totally stealing (and maybe modifying) your 2016 resolutions!

  2. I don’t keep the apps on my phone unless I’m traveling for an extended period or have something posted that I need to monitor.

    And if you don’t have something like Anti-Social on your computer, get it! Good luck!

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