“….and now for my NEXT TRICK”

Once you actually write a book, people only see the finished product.  They are shielded from the late nights, the 40 pound weight gain, family negligence, writer’s block, deadlines, and eventual panic attacks that set in during the book writing process.  It seems sooo darn  easy when someone holds your perfectly packaged finished book and wonder aloud: “So when is your NEXT ONE coming?”    Who am I? Friggin David Copperfield?? Like I can just pull finished books out of my EAR?  (or another orifice I need not mention).

Actually, what’s with the massive rush?        Can’t I just enjoy the yummy success of such an accomplishment?  It’s like when you have a baby…you haven’t even gotten used to the idea of your once FETUS now living and breathing OUTSIDE OF YOUR BODY and there’s your mother, your friend, or some annoying neighbor asking you  “So when is Ethan getting a little brother or sister???” Again, it’s not like going to the grocery store and getting in the checkout lane!  Planning for another birth (of fetus or book) requires deep thought, planning, and TIME to actually get it done.  Something debut authors/mothers/full-time radio dj’s don’t have too much of.  Heck, I have about 10 books swirling around in my head…if I only had 8 minutes to myself a day I could actually consider writing my next one. 

I must say one book idea I’ve actually thought of penning is the story of 5 debut authors who start a group blog, and discuss their entrance into the exhilarating world of book publishing.  Oh wait a minute.. that would be OUR story.  Hmmmm…. I wonder if there’s something there?   (long pause)   Naaaah.  Who would actually want to read about that????  

But just in case it happens it was my idea FIRST!  lololol

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