You want me to sign your WHAT!?

No matter how long I’ve been doing it, signing autographs always seems very surreal to me  –especially when I was asked by a male listener to sign his… well, you know.  That happened about 12 years ago, but it is still burned in my brain like an overcooked wiener on a hot grill.  (Pardon the intended pun).  Yep, radio listeners can be quite fanatical, and those hard-core “fans” can quickly turn broadcasters into “local celebrities” which is something I didn’t expect when I decided to jump into the world of radio.  I still remember the first time a listener requested an autograph.  The radio station had created these really embarrassing “head-shot” photos, and handed them out during a local parade we were participating in.  A young woman ran up to the float I was on, and said “Maria!  Pleeeeze sign my picture, me and my husband LOVE YOUUUUU!!!!”   Ugh, I still hate that picture.  My hair was frightening, and let’s not even talk about my eyebrows!

These days I’m signing more books than pictures, but I am still humbled by every single autograph request that comes my way.

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  1. Thanks for the unfortunate reminder that I should probably start practicing my signature for book signings next year. You can sort of make out a “T” and an “F” in mine, but the rest is just scribbles. I worked in the marketing department at a medical center for almost 8 years, and I knew it was a bad sign when the doctors would make fun of my signature.


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