Minky, by Emily Winslow

The stereotype is that writers are cat people, not least because of the stereotype that writers are introverted and independent, like cats. I’m proud to fulfill those assumptions on both counts! I’m like a cat, and I’ve always had cats. This is my Minky:

She’s had a rough year, culminating in surgery for kidney stones. It took us a year to get from “cat suddenly starts peeing all over the place, in every open box, and even RIGHT ON MY ARM IN THE MIDDLE OF A SOCIAL GATHERING” to the proper diagnosis. We first treated it like a UTI with antibiotics, which played out pretty much like that hilarious old bit “How to Give a Cat a Pill.” (If you don’t know it, give yourself a treat and read it.)

Finally, we gave in to costly and invasive measures and the stones were found.

After the surgery, she became so relaxed that it was as if she’d gained weight. She’s a real lapcat, but pain and tension had apparently kept her from ever fully resting, even before the renegade peeing started. Now she sleeps heavily across our legs, pinning down whoever she’s sitting on. (“Can you get me a beer? I have the cat.” or “Can you change the channel? I have the cat.”)

Love you, Minky! Good girl.

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  1. Happy to hear Minky is now well and mellow but as for writers being “cat people,” I would disagree. Really, most authors love dogs except here where Stella B might own “top dog” status free and clear.

  2. Sometimes, Stella is more like a cat than a dog. (Or, really, more like a plant than an animal ….)

    Minky, you are beautiful! I’m so glad you’re back to normal, post-op.

  3. Love to see a happy black cat, as they are the least like color of cat to be adopted. People and their superstitions…anyway, I’ve had two and they were both the sweetest things. Minky reminds me a lot of my Sam, who was a girl, as was Max, but they came to me as Sam and Max and I couldn’t bring myself to rename them. =)

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