Restoring Harmony by Deb Joelle out this week!

New authors are often advised by those more experienced to avoid reviews. Joelle admitted in her post on reviews that she has turned off google alerts and doesn’t seek out online comments about her book. She is wise and sane, but what is she missing? For her, and for you, here are some snippets from Goodreads reviews of her debut, young adult novel Restoring Harmony:

Princess Bookie says: “My Thoughts: I can not stress enough how I can’t seem to get the words out. I will say what I feel in 5 words. This book was freaking awesome.”

Cleverly says: “Restoring Harmony was like magic on paper.”

Briana says: “I positively adored Molly, who was so believable and authentic. I found it so easy to relate to her character, as we had so much in common. I fully believe that if I were to be reincarnated, I’d come back as Molly.”

Restoring Harmony tells the journey of Molly McClure, a teenager in the year 2041. Her world is different from ours: worldwide financial collapse over oil shortage has created a life with far less technology. Molly plays the fiddle and is adept at growing food, two skills that see her through the hard times the story throws her way. She travels from Canada to Oregon to find her grandfather and bring him home with her. But what if he doesn’t want to come?

First line: “When the plane’s engine took on a whining roar, my grip tightened on my fiddle case.

Won’t you join Molly for the ride?

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