Agents? Deb Linda Likes Hers Secret and Special!

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I have a wonderful agent. You may have met her, actually. If not, click here to read the Deb Ball guest post from Michelle Wolfson. Go ahead. Read it. I’ll wait.


*fixes cup of tea, twiddles thumbs, waits for readers to come back*


There. You see? She’s hard-working, smart,  and funny — an all around entertaining person. She gets the job done. Which are very good qualities in a literary agent, and I’m glad mine possesses them in spades.


But since that post tells you basically everything I know personally about literary agents (she’s the only one I’ve had), and the other Debs this week have done such a marvelous job discussing the other aspects of literary agents, I decided (at first) to write an extensive treatise on the relative merits of obtaining an agent and pursuing the traditional publishing route vs. going indie and seeking your writing fortune without one.


And then I thought, Oh, screw it. It’s Friday. Nobody wants to rehash all that. (And if you do, it’s all over the web. Have at it!)


I’m going to show you some of my other favorite agents instead.


First (of course) is that super Secret Agent James Bond, the current 007 himself, played by Daniel Craig:

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Wow. He has quite a big gun, hasn’t he? *blink*

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big Sean Connery as James Bond fan from way back. (Let’s not go into how way back. It’s depressing, and who wants to be depressed on a Friday?)

I mean, look at him:

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Who could resist that? But, I have to admit, Daniel is giving him a run for his secret-agent money with me.



And then there’s Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) from the long-running TV series NCIS.


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*pauses to sigh*

Has gray hair ever looked so sexy? I think not.


Now, lest you think I’m only appreciating agents for their manly charms (moi? nevah! well, okay, maybe a little…) here’s another of my favorites: Ziva David, also from NCIS, played by the beautiful Coté de Pablo:


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She is one kick-ass agent. Wish I had her moves! (TG probably does, too.)


Oh, and let’s not forget the agents who make us laugh! Laughter is sexy. (Oh yes it is.) So here’s Maxwell Smart, CONTROL Agent 86 (the late great Don Adams) of Get Smart fame:

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(Hmm…what’s that old saw about men and their shoes? Something or another about size? Well, I think Max here shows us good technology can easily trump size.)


And speaking of funny agents, anyone remember these guys?


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Happy Friday! Before you run off, tell me, who are your favorite agents, literary or otherwise?

28 Replies to “Agents? Deb Linda Likes Hers Secret and Special!”

  1. Ahhh…Thank you, Deb Linda, dear, for brightening up a morning with some eye candy. I will admit I was a Roger Moore-bond fan so I might add him–oh, and Robert Culp and Bill Cosby from I Spy–and wasn’t Robert Conrad from Wild Wild West a secret agent cowboy? He was handsome, I remember that much!

    And I couldn’t list favorite agents without including Mulder and Scully either, of course!

  2. I’m thinking you hit the nail on the head with Daniel Craig. But then there is also Roger Moore who played “The Saint” for a few years. Was he a secret agent? And Val Kilmer played “The Saint” in the movie version and who really cares if he was a secret agent or not. Have a great weekend Linda.

  3. Love Sean Connery–and Roger Moore too.
    I like Literary agent Kristin Nelson–she seems so down-to-earth and nice.
    Oh, and Michelle Wolfson because she HAS to be great if she signed you. 🙂

  4. I love Maxwell Smart — too funny! — and agree with Erika that I must include Robert Culp and Bill Cosby as favorites, too. And I also very much enjoyed re-reading the post by your agent! The only disappointment is that she’s closed to new queries…. now if only there was a secret agent assistant who could do something about *that* for me! 😉

    1. Give it a little time. She’s bound to open up for submissions again eventually, and she’d be worth the wait. 🙂

  5. Oh, what fun, Linda! Thanks for this!
    For pure kickassery – Clarice Starling from Silence of the Lambs and Jason Bourne from, well, the Bourne movies.
    And yeah, Daniel Craig for the ROWR (along with Matt Damon, of course).

    1. You’re absolutely right. No words necessary–much better to just look and drool. 😉

      Happy Friday to you, too!

  6. Sadly, Daniel Craig just doesn’t do it for me, probably because I’ve been in love with Sean Connery’s Bond since Day 1. The only other Bond who ever came close for me was Pierce Brosnan (I didn’t like Roger Moore, either).

    Spy vs. Spy made me laugh – it’s been so long since I saw those guys! And don’t forget Chuck (Zachary Levi), if you like cute and bumbling.

    1. I liked Brosnan at the time, but he hasn’t held up for me as well as Connery has. Remains to be seen if Daniel Craig will withstand the test of time.

      And, yeah, I love Chuck!

  7. I laughed myself silly over Maxwell Smart. I also loved Patrick McNee as Steed in the Avengers television show.
    I have to be the odd woman out on James Bond, though. Sean Connery at any age doesn’t do it for me. I do like Daniel Craig. But by far the best Bond in my book was Roger Moore whom I also loved as Simon Templar on the Saint television show.
    I like Gibbs, too, though, and Callen on the LA version which has the added bonus of Linda Hunt as Hetty.

      1. I loved his humor–he always seemed to have so much fun and never took himself seriously–I think it was the lack of his edge that I appreciated.

        Poor George Lazenby–he isn’t even in the running, poor guy…

        1. Lazen-who? *grin*

          Yeah, I’ll give you the humor thing with Moore. And I do appreciate humor. But for me, Bond is supposed to be a little bit dangerous.

          1. I love that each Bond has such a distinct personality and that each of us have our passionate preferences!

            I so remember when Remington Steele came out and Pierce Brosnan was so ripe for the role of the next Bond (Timothy Dalton? another we forgot!) but he couldn’t get out of his contract. By the time he made it to Bond, I almost felt like the moment had passed, but at the time (mid-80s?) I remember thinking he was made for the role.

  8. My current favorite agent is Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K. Haven’t seen the latest MIB, but one of my favorite movies scenes of all time is still the one from the first when they’re driving upside-down through the Lincoln tunnel and listening to Elvis and J says, “You do know he’s dead, right?” and K says, “Elvis is not dead. He’s just gone home.”

    1. Oh, I love the first Men in Black! Agent K is wonderful, and so is J.

      I really liked Men in Black 3, too. (I try not think about the second one much–it was kind of “eh.”)

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