Something’s Fishy with Random Penguin

When Susan took over on Monday for the big Amazon Sponsorship Announcement, Random Penguin got all excited. (No, he doesn’t care much about publishing and books. For him, Amazon=river=fish. Random Penguin likes fish).

So he requested permission to show off some of his fish pictures. (Don’t ask me how he made this request. We’re not going to discuss the conversations I have with RP.) If you’ve ever had occasion to argue with a penguin (not that I do this, of course) you will know them to be tenacious and stubborn birds. So I gave in, because it’s just easier that way.

So, without further ado, here is Random Penguin with Survivorman the Goldfish.

RP & survivormanWhy such a name? Suffice it to say that we once had a brilliant idea that feeder fish would help keep down the mosquito population in our naturally occurring seasonal pond. At the end of the summer, when there was nothing left of the pond but mud and one tiny little puddle, a certain soft-hearted Viking noticed a lone goldfish clinging tenaciously to life in a shrinking world. You can guess the rest. Four years later said fish is still swimming.

RP spent an hour in a pet store not too long ago. He was quite fascinated by all of the swimming things:

RP with turtle & fish

But his favorite fish adventures all happened when he visited Susan Spann’s home. He spent hours peering into her fascinating aquarium:

RP & seahorse

Susan sent the picture home with him. He looks adorable, doesn’t he? Just a penguin and a seahorse getting acquainted. Until you take another look. See the way he is leaning forward, as if straining toward the glass? Note the predatory gleam in his eye?

For the sad truth is that Random Penguin likes fish all right. He like them a heck of a lot. And in every one of those oh-so-cute pictures I’m afraid that what he was really seeing was this:


Your turn.  So tell me – have you ever had a conversation with a penguin? Do you like fish? Why are you looking at me like that? Say something…




4 Replies to “Something’s Fishy with Random Penguin”

  1. I love it! I had so much fun hosting RP! And I have to agree … he and Cyg got along great, but he seemed VERY INTERESTED in inviting Emo the clownfish for dinner – and I’m not entirely certain his intentions were honorable. Fortunately, everyone survived the encounter (except for the fish sticks, but that’s another story!)

  2. I’d say you need a hobby but I know you’re too busy for one, and then you’d be able to tell me to stop watching General Hospital (my own obsession) and we know that’s not happening any time soon.

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