Five Publishing Lessons Deb Amy Learned On The Playground


1. Find Friends.  Writing is a solitary endeavor.  Preparing to publish your work, is not.  Find critique partners, writing groups, classes, or at least someone your mom can pay to listen to you talk about your work (kidding, sort of).

2. Share. Give and take feedback and advice.  Use kind words.

3. Take Turns. When something good happens to someone else – clap loudly. Your turn will come and you want someone clapping loudly for you.

4. Don’t Push Little Kids Too High On The Swings.  Don’t scare someone just because you’ve been there, done that. We all have to acclimate at our own pace, in our own time.  (And some people get dizzy on swings.)

5. If You Are Cranky, Go Home And Take A Nap.  


3 Replies to “Five Publishing Lessons Deb Amy Learned On The Playground”

  1. Fantastic. This is a great way to cap the week – and since I’m both dizzy AND cranky, I’m going to consider that nap recommendation a prescription from Dr. Amy!

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