5 Reasons Why Deb Elise (and Her New Book) Rock!

Do you have Elixir fever? I do! While Deb Eleanor brought you a very thoughtful list of things Deb Elise’s new co-authored book with Ms. Hilary Duff reminded her of, I can’t help but confess that every time I think of the book or look at the cover I instantly think, fondly, of grape-flavored Dimetapp. Strange? I know! But the cover is incredibly engaging and transfixing to me. You see–I can also taste it!

What I really want to leave you with is this list of fabulousness that is Elise Allen and her terrific new book. 5 reasons why she/it rocks? Here you go:

1. Elise may have more energy than any woman I know. Did you know this woman is a mother, is a hobby marathon runner (as in, she runs marathons, oh, for kicks!), has a million irons in the fire (Barbie movies, screen plays, a new book coming out next year, regular work with my kids favorite TV shows, including “Dinosaur Train” and “Sid the Science Kid.” Yeah, amazing. I need a nap now.

2. Hilary seems like a pretty swell gal, too. While I’ve never met her, Hilary Duff strikes me as such a terrific gal, and dare I say the word “role model,” in the world of young starlets who are in and out of jail and rehab. Plus, she seems really nice and shockingly down to earth.

3. Elixir’s storyline is incredibly appealing: A budding young photojournalist, exotic world travel, a shocking mystery and a love triangle? Hello page-turner!

4. We’ll say we knew her when. This is big year for Elise–two books coming out in the period of months. Something tells me this gal is on the cusp of some major new things in her career, and I’m so thrilled to know her. (Remember me when you’re making speeches at the Golden Globes, my dear!)

5. Elise was recently written up in a post, about Elixir, on PerezHilton.com. PerezHilton.com people (here’s the link, in case you missed it!)! I admit, I comb the celebrity sites daily (Perez is one). I convince myself I’m doing this to stay on top of any breaking celeb health and fitness news for my job with Glamour. This is how I feel better about the habit, anyway. 🙂

Elise, you rock! Congrats to you and Hilary on this exciting debut week!

Lovely Deb Ball readers, here’s the link to purchase–buy it for your daughter, your teenage niece … or just you!

xo, Sarah

7 Replies to “5 Reasons Why Deb Elise (and Her New Book) Rock!”

  1. Oh thank GOD I’m not the only one who spotted Elise’s name on Perezhilton.com! I, too, need to peruse it for work. It’s critical for my job. I’m just not sure how.
    Congrats again on everything, Elise! So happy for your success.

  2. Eleanor, you get a good night’s sleep! Aaaahhh. I was on Perez once – I sent the Debs the photo. I was behind Jenny McCarthy at her DC rally a couple of years ago. I stepped on her bodyguard’s foot – and lived to tell the tale! She – like Hilary – writes great books and is an absolutely endearing, funny woman.

  3. I have to admit, I think of O’Keefe as well.

    Thanks for the blush-worthy post, Sarah!

    Hilary did an incredible job on this book, and it was really fun to work with her and get to know her. She’s a wonderful person and yes, truly a role model, which is so rare for people who grew up with in the child-star spotlight.

    But most importantly, I think we need to find a way to get all 5 Debs on Perez! We’ll have to do something scandalous…

  4. Ditto what Larramiefg & Elise said…I’ve had O’Keefe on the brain since I first spotted the cover of this book.

    I can’t wait to say “I knew her when” as Elise ascends the ladder of celebrity!


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