Elixir Reminds Deb Eleanor of….

Woohoo!  Hilary Duff’s Elixir, co-authored with the fabulous and funny Deb Elise, goes on sale TODAY!  If you haven’t bought your copy yet, head right on out and do so – it’s a delicious blend of mystery, romance, humor, and magic.

Five Things Reading Elixir Reminded Me of:

Gossip Girl Logo1.  Gossip Girl
I haven’t’ seen the TV show, but I did read a few of the books when I was teaching and my students were all gaga over them.  Elixir reminded me of Gossip Girl in the best ways – the elegance, the privilege, the short skirts…it was tons of fun.

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones2.  Indiana Jones
Yes, I did just mention Indiana Jones and Gossip Girl in the same list, and that is exactly what I loved about Elixir – it’s an amazing blend of all kinds of genres, and the swirl of history and magic that touches it in the most surprising places made me think of Indy.

National Geographic Magazine Cover3.  National Geographic
Clea is a photojournalist, so I suppose it’s unsurprising that the story is so visual.  I loved the descriptions of her photographs, and it brought to mind some of the incredible pictures I’ve seen in National Geographic over the years.

The Eiffel Tower at night4.  Paris
Well, uh, seeing as how part of the novel is set in Paris, I suppose it’s not a stretch that it made me think of Paris.  But there’s a difference between novels that are set someplace, and novels that really evoke a sense of place, and this was the latter.  It’s been yonks since I’ve been to the City of Lights, but reading those scenes brought it all back to me.

Pretty in Pink Movie Poster5.  Pretty in Pink
If you know me at all, you know that comparing something to a John Hughes movie is very high praise indeed.  There’s a bit of a love triangle in the novel, and while I won’t go into it in depth to avoid spoilers, it reminded me of Ducky and Samantha and Blaine in good ways.  (P.S. Still bitter about the ending.  Of Pretty in Pink, not Elixir.  And no, that’s not a hint.  Or maybe it is.  You’ll have to read it to find out!)

Congratulations to Hilary and Deb Elise, and happy reading to all of you!

6 Replies to “Elixir Reminds Deb Eleanor of….”

  1. I LOVE THIS POST!!!!!

    Especially since it includes three of my favorite references: Pretty in Pink, Indiana Jones, and Paris.

    Thanks, Eleanor!

  2. My post for tomorrow already feels very envious of Deb Eleanor’s post. I’d better find some lipstick for it. Oink oink! 🙂

  3. This is fabulous! I loved many things about this book, but never thought about those comparisons until you suggested it. Great ideas!


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