5 Web Sites Deb Sarah Is (Shamelessly) Addicted To

And now’s the time we really get to know each other! I’m going to air my dirty laundry and tell you the sites I visit regularly, in addition to this lovely site, of course. Promise to still like me? OK, I’m kidding–my list isn’t that deplorable.

In no particular order, and barring Twitter (follow me, please?), the zillions of book blogs I read (can’t even begin to pick a fave—so many good ones!) and Glamour.com (I’m the health and fitness blogger for Glamour, so I visit the site hourly as a labor of love!), here are my daily reads:

*US magazine: No judging, now! I admit to being hopelessly obsessed with what Gwyneth Paltrow ate for dinner and who John Mayer is dating at the moment.

*Smitten Kitchen: Don’t you just adore this food blog? I’ve been reading for years, and this site never fails to make inspire me–and make me really hungry.

*Publisher’s Marketplace: I’ve had a membership to this site for publishing industry folks for the past few years, and I have to say it’s so fun to peruse! I love reading up on the latest deals and keeping tabs on what markets are really selling, etc.

*Facebook: Seriously, I can’t even start writing for the day without knowing what my peeps are up to. Mid-day and evening check-ins happen to. And, I have a new author page on FB! Will you “like” me? Pretty please?

*New York Times health section: Even if I wasn’t the health and fitness writer for Glamour.com, I’d still check out the health section daily. I’m a nut about health news, and I love sharing it with readers just as much as I love giving my husband daily updates about a.) what food he should be eating, b.) what food he should not be eating, and c.) what supplement will protect him from getting cancer and leaving me a widow with three children.

What Web site do you have to visit before starting your day/being productive at your desk?

xo, Sarah

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  1. I am so not a foodie, but Smitten Kitchen is a gorgeous site.

    I have to visit Google Reader – can’t catch up on all the sites I read without it (I know, it’s a copout, but it’s true)!

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