Real Questions About Real Life by Deb Tiffany

debauthorpic2First of all, congratulations, Kris! Welcome to the shelf!

Real Life and Liars is timely summer reading. For me, the character of Katya really resonates. She’s armored and perfect on the outside, but she keeps everything inside of her. Her house, her car, even her engagement ring are “right,” but nothing with her is really okay, and in the course of the book she goes through a reckoning.

I think a lot of people are reassessing what’s important to them now, given the lovely state of the economy. I know I am. It’s like we’ve all woken up from a decade-long consumer binge, and we’re shuffling around looking for some aspirin. What really makes our lives meaningful? The knowledge that we did everything “right,” that we had all the toys a consumer culture told us we were supposed to own? Do we assign ourselves status from the outside in or do define our own self-worth? And how do we do that if no one ever taught us?

I know this all sounds really heavy, but, trust me, in Kristina’s hands these questions come to life through her vivid characters. Her book is a fluffy beach read (and I mean that in the best way!), but after you read it, you find yourself thinking about your own life and family.

So, please, go get a copy! Take it on vacation. Buy one for a friend, and then talk about it! And if you leave a comment, you’ll be eligible to win a copy, courtesy of the Debs.

4 Replies to “Real Questions About Real Life by Deb Tiffany”

  1. I’m happy to be on the shelf with you! I relate to Katya more than is comfortable to admit… I don’t have the disposable income she does, but I fall victim to shopping lust even so.

  2. It is a terrific beach read, Tiffany. I realize I’ve started hoarding a few of my books for just such a purpose this summer, and I have very strict standards. They must be entertaining enough to distract me from beautiful views and other leisure activities. Kristina’s book definitely passes the test!

  3. I don’t have the income of Katya, either (or the shopping habit), but I totally relate to her control issues….Congratulations again, Kris!

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