Snow Globes, Snickers, and Starbucks…by Deb Maria



I think the staff at my local Starbucks is trying to poison me.

Maybe it’s because I always give them complicated orders (like a venti double-caff fat-free Pumpkin Latte, extra hot with extra syrup, extra cinnamon, and a recycled heat protector lest I burn my sensitive fingers) or maybe they hate me because I’ve practically moved into their store hogging the oh-so-welcoming “zen corner” on a daily basis. I waltz in armed with my computer and trusty neck pillow for those necessary afternoon snoozes when I’m writing. Hey, it’s not my fault.  Free WiFi, tons of distractions, and oodles of caffeine?  They’re lucky I actually go home! 

When I do head home –with empty Starbucks cup in hand- I retreat to the room in our abode my husband calls “the library” (which is really just our home office lined with basically every book ever published) so I guess he’s got a point.  Anyhow, the “library”  is equipped with a meticulously designed computer corner equipped with  enough technology to boggle the mind of even the most capable Nasa engineer.  That’s why I rarely write there.  The blinking lights are blinding.  When I am forced to stay home and go without over-priced java (or the evil stares of annoyed Starbucks employees)  I hunker down in the office-slash-library and use my collection of miniature snow-globes as inspiration.  They are perfectly lined-up across the weathered wooden desk… and when dealing with a case of writer’s block, I often try to shake them consecutively and sing “Let it Snow” to the top of my lungs. 

For the most part my work area is usually pristine due to my husband’s compulsive behavior (his picture is actually featured in the Journal of American Medicine under the definition of OCD.)  I don’t mind the obsessive cleaning though, especially because he takes care of my endless supply of Snickers wrappers strewn just about everywhere.  It’s a serious addiction I battle everyday.  I eat those darn things constantly, and fully admit to buying them in bulk from Costco!  I am happy to report however, that I have found a support group, and I intend to join the very second  I’m done with my last 6-pack.  I’ll keep ya posted.   🙂

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  1. They make PUMPKIN lattes?? I’m–repulsed, yet intrigued.

    I love the image of you packing a neck pillow specifically for a nap while guarding your public workspace. You’re bold, girl! And immune to caffeine, apparently. How do you nap after a double-caff??

  2. Pumpkin lattes! I look forward to those every year…off to annoy the Starbucks crew with both toddlers in tow! I’ll take a nap later, too. I balk at the effect of caffein, sadly so. Wish it actually worked on me 🙂

  3. I hate latte – and yet I am ADDICTED to Pumpkin Spice Latte and I ran to Starbucks the day they returned. Venti, non-fat, no whip, 3 pumps. 5 pumps is too sweet. I have to write fiction on my laptop – with the wireless card unplugged. Non-fiction I can write on my desktop. If I had that Costco Snickers I’d eat them all in a day. Milky Way? No – too chewy, not enough crunch time. Fun post!

  4. I love writing at Starbucks, too — I used to get so much done, but with WiFi, I end up on the internet half the time. Still, you can’t beat the caffeine! (As long as it’s not poisoned)

  5. I like the Pumpkin Spice Latte (Emily, it’s reminiscent of pumpkin pie) too…in the same way I like Shamrock shakes. I think I like the changing of season more than the actual drink.

    Soon it will be time for cider, and eggnog…champagne at midnight…

    Wait, what we were talking about? Is it a food week? Actually, I think every week is a food week at the Debs.

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