A Cats-eye View of Deb Joelle’s Office

_MG_9932e Hiya. Miss Marley here, but you can call me Marley. I know Deb Joëlle’s post this week is supposed to be about her office, but she’s busy sleeping reading her first pass pages for Restoring Harmony, so I thought I’d show you around. She leaves her computer on all the time (I know…not very environmental of her, I might have to start sleeping on it to teach her a lesson) so I just thought I’d help her out.

I’m new on the scene here at Casa Bon Chance (the name for Deb Joëlle’s house), only been here about four weeks, but on the very first day they locked me in her office, so I’ve pretty much taken it over. It’s good I’m here too because, and I’m not saying Deb Joëlle is  a liar or anything, but she probably would say that her office is “clean and organized”. In her dreams. It has potential, but that would probably require a visit to the container store and then another visit from her friend Darci from last week’s post.

Here’s a picture I found of her actually working. Nikon 070

And yeah, okay, the desk looks clean, but she was doing a photo shoot. Here’s some more, so you get the idea.

Nikon 054 Nikon 058eAnyway, thanks for stopping by. I’d write more, but I need to go see if I can get the freezer door open ’cause I’m pretty sure that’s where she hid the catnip. Nikon 064

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  1. Ooh, pictures! I love pictures!

    And good on you taking in a rescue cat. (At least, she looks older than a kitten.) Actually, she looks a lot like our rescue cat. Except our cat isn’t as sprightly a narrator 🙂

  2. I guess you could call it an altar, but I call it a Meditation Station. It’s also dual-purpose as it is hiding my Rubbermaid storage container full of knitting stuff! I…ummm..haven’t used it in a while, but now that you mention it, I think it’s a good idea to move Marley’s cat food to a different corner and start meditating again!

    And yes, Marley is a rescue cat. She’s settling in well and we adore her. Our other cat is okay with her, but they’re not exactly pals yet. Give ’em time though!

  3. Oh, I forgot to answer the actual question. On the Meditation Station I have a caramel spice candle in a brass holder my brother got me, a little vase/statue thingie, my Tibetan prayer beads, my Japanese good luck kitty bank, and a candle snuffer (just because they’re way more fun than blowing out the candle).

  4. A Meditation Station! Love it. My whole desk is sort of like a Meditation Station. This week was great ~ I like learning about the things people surround themselves with. Joelle, extra points for surrounding yourself with a candle snuffer! And PS, my rescue dog wants to eat your rescue cat. (Yours too, Emily.)

  5. That is one cute cat!

    That shade of green is similar to what’s on my own office walls, which I repainted this summer after a new (free) desk came into my life which meant I had to take everything out and then I looked and thought ugh, these walls are ugly so I’d better repaint only the first color I HATED and…

    Anyway. Nice office, too!

  6. Kristina, I remember the big paint debacle recently from Twitter! I was one of the ones that recommended that you repaint.

    What you can’t really tell in these pictures is that two walls are a deep rich purple. Behind the “And they lived happily ever after” sign it looks blue, but it’s not. It’s really dark and gorgeous. You’ll just have to trust me!

  7. May I say this reminds me of Katie’s office, containers included. Of course Winston inhabited Katie’s office and didn’t speak, while Marley is a natural tour guide if not a bit of a snitch. 😉 Please thank her for us!

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