A Warm Hello From Deb Sarah

Hello darling readers! How exciting to be writing my first post for The Ball! I’ll admit, as I type, I am not wearing a party dress and pearls. Some debutante, right? Leggings and a T-shirt is about as fancy as I get these days–very unglamorous, given that I work for Glamour magazine. But, thank goodness that my job doesn’t require high fashion. I’m a writer. And a mom. I work from home in the business of ideas, words–and wiping runny noses. And I love every minute of it (almost every minute).

I’ll be posting here on the Ball every Thursday. Let’s get acquainted! I’ll start:

I live in Seattle with my husband, Jason, and sons Carson (3) and Russell (1). Baby #3 is due in February (God help me). (And let’s not forget the rascally golden retriever, Paisley.) I knew from an early age that I wanted to be a writer (I won’t embarrass myself with stories of the homemade “newspaper” I wrote and distributed to my neighborhood in the sixth grade), and after receiving my degree in journalism from Western Washington University, I set out to start freelancing. I landed my first assignment with Marie Claire, and after years of hard work, I now contribute regularly to a long list of magazines, including Glamour, Redbook, Woman’s Day, Real Simple, American Baby, Cooking Light, Parents, Parenting, Health and O, The Oprah Magazine. I’m also the health and fitness blogger for Glamour.com. Come by and visit my blog–Vitamin G, and my personal blog, here.

Earlier this year I sold my first novel–The Violets of March–to Penguin (Plume). It’s a story I loved writing, and I’m eager to tell you all more about it in the months ahead. The book will be out next summer (2011) and I can hardly wait! Fiction has been such a welcome change of pace from magazine work. I’ve enjoyed the chance to strengthen my creativity in new ways, plus, it’s so freeing sitting down to write something that comes straight from my imagination, rather than an interview transcript.

That’s my resume, now let me share some off-beat and completely random details about myself:

*I sneeze after taking my first bite of chocolate–without fail.

*I have a secret addiction to The Bachelorette, The Bachelor (and, cringe) The Bachelor Pad. An addiction that is now–not so secret.

*In junior high I went through a phase where I wanted to be an airline pilot. Ah, no.

*I love to run, and try to get out for a daily jog (which is interesting now that I’m pregnant).

*Current favorite pregnancy craving: The juice from a jar of pepperoncinis.

*My parents made me take Norwegian folk dancing lessons as a child, which left me with a lifelong love of lefse and Scandinavian traditions.

Told you–random! That’s all for now! I’m so excited to get to know all of you in the year ahead. I’d love to know: What do you hope to learn/read about from the Debutantes this year?

xo, Sarah

20 Replies to “A Warm Hello From Deb Sarah”

  1. The juice from a jar of pepperoncinis???? Do you blend that up with some protein powder for a high-octane post-run recovery drink?

    My stomach is aghast, but the rest of me is thrilled to be sharing Deb-land with you!

    I can’t wait to hear more about your book, and I’ll have to check out your columns. Given the list of magazine titles, I have a feeling I can give myself a much needed organizational, health, and fitness makeover just by following your work.

    Thanks for the great post!

  2. Good morning, Deb Sarah. Pepperoncini juice? Even this Italian girl is reaching for the Bromo Seltzer. What happened to craving ice cream? Three kids is a game changer. But a great one. Happy to be on The Deb Ball with you. KIM

  3. Welcome Sarah,

    The Debs are where I get a little book fix.

    After your baby is born I’m sure the Deb’s will each spend a week at your house taking care of things. You know, bringing you mimosas, choclate covered strawberries, and massaging your feet.

  4. Really? You sneeze after eating chocolate?

    J.C. sneezes when he chews gum, but I always figured that was a peppermint thing.

    I am also hoping by the end of our year together I will be a fitness guru and organizational whiz. I also hope this happens just by knowing you and not by putting forth any effort.

  5. It’s so fun getting to know all my fellow Debs better! I’m a little ooged out by the pepperoncini thing, but I guess it could be worse — you could be combining it with the chocolate and sneezing it all over the place, and then you’d REALLY have a mess.


  6. My friend drinks the juice in the green olive jar…just sucks it right down. Of course, she eats mustard with French Fries, so…

    Nice to get to know you! This is a fun week. Congrats and have fun.

  7. Whatever you’re drinking and eating, Sarah, has provided you with energy and creativity to spare, perhaps we need to follow “most” of your lead! I sneeze after the first sip of wine but think it may be the bubbles….and I drew the line at The Bachelor Pad. 😉

    The brief synopsis of Violets in March sounds fascinating and am anxious to learn more.

  8. Thanks for the notes, all! Jen–OMG, I totally crave Indian food too (with all my pregnancies, if fact). I think we are long lost BFFs! xo

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