A “Worldly” Read

As a youngster living a very sheltered life and being forced to attend a strict Catholic school, I always dreamed of escaping abroad and attending a college where I’d be exposed to new and exhilirating experiences. I only got as far as Gainesville, Florida..a mere 6 hour drive from my hometown of Miami.

While my college experience was quite satisfying (my parents still think I NEVER partied and always used their money for books -lol) I always yearned for that life-altering culturally diverse educational challenge. After reading Emily’s book I feel like my “foreign school angst” has been quieted.  I lived the experience vicariously through American transplant students Polly and Liv. “The Whole World” is set in enchanting England, with the friends attending wordly Cambridge University (where the admissions committe would surely use my transcripts for target practice!) With its rich and complicated history, England happens to be one of my favorite countries –and when you add in juicy secrets, girlfriend rivalry, and a hot British student named Nick, I immediately became this book’s number one fan! My heart actually felt pain when Nick disappears and the girls are questioned by the police. Throw in parental conflict, mystery, and a close friendship gone wrong, and you’ve got yourself a brilliant novel. Long  live England, the Queen, and a riveting debut!

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  1. Hey Emily! Congratulations on your debut week. Sorry I haven’t been commenting. I did check in while I was on my book tour though. Hope you’re enjoying the big release and having a great week!

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