And So We Come To The End by Founder Kristy

Wow, it’s my LAST POST! Tish did such an elegant job with her last post, no long good-byes, good info on what her upcoming year looks like. I want to be elegant. But I have such mixed feelings about this!

This year has been so busy that in some ways I am relieved to give up an “obligation,” to turn it over to those with more energy and more exciting things to say. But The Debutante Ball has been so much more than an obligation! It’s been a place to play, a place to come for support, a place to learn, a place to make friends and meet readers and writers.

It has been important to me. It truly has. And I’m not really one to imbue random, frivolous things with import. The posts and the running of the site itself have been important. My fellow Debs have been important. Our readers have been important, whether they commented or not. It has been an important part of my regular life.

So there’s a feeling that something important to me is being given up. Willingly, to be sure, but it still makes me sad.

And then there’s pride. I am so proud to be the first year handing over to the next year. It’s just exactly the way we planned it. I love that! And I am so proud of our new Debs. So proud of how their enthusiasm, talent, and skill has taken the site to a new level. Look at these fabulous guest bloggers! And, I have it on good authority, that there are more exciting things on the horizon.

I’m proud of the new Debs books! I’ve had the delight of reading most of them, and oh, what treats you are all in for! I knew these women were talented and funny and brilliant, but when I read their work, well, I’m just honored to be in their company. These ARE the writers everyone is going to be talking about. And they’re HERE!

Such pride. (And I seriously suggest that nobody get all smart-ass on me and mention anything about “going before a fall…” in the comments. We’re not talking about that kind of pride.)

I even feel a bit of panic, as if I am the child and the parent at the same time. How can I let it go?! What will become of it without my constant attention?! How can I BE let go?! What will come of ME without its constant presence?!

Seems a little silly to be so attached to a grog, I suppose.

But I am. Attached, that is. I’ve adored my fellow Founders, and I adore all the new Debs. I wish great things for you all, and I will always support your endeavors.

(Any idea how hard it is to stop typing? Wrap it up, Kristy.)

And so.

I’m outta here.

I will, indeed, look back, but just to wave and grin and happily watch you all succeed.

web-temp-headshot-2.jpg  <—– Kristy, smiling, waving, even though you can’t see it.

10 Replies to “And So We Come To The End by Founder Kristy”

  1. Kristy,

    We’ll miss you! (But of course, you’ll always be here with us in spirit — that’s what archives are for.)

    Thank you so much for conceiving of this grog. It means so much to all of us.

    With gratitude,


  2. Oh, Kristy, how to thank you enough without being gushy and maudlin and all of that stuff. And you know me, I’m not so maudlin. Well, I try not to be, at least 😉 .
    We are so very fortunate for your wonderful insight, for having had that seed of an idea that led to all of this. I am forever grateful to you for having given me the chance to be part of this wonderful blog and becoming friends with you founders and wow, to have established bonds of friendship and camaraderie with my fellow grog-mates–lucky, lucky me!
    We will miss your guidance, but of course you know you’re welcome back to visit any time, and most definitely when your next book comes out!

  3. Kristy-You’re leaving? Can I just mention that I was NOT consulted? Ahem. Well, then. Good thing I have your phone number (cell and house!). I’ve been so lucky to get to know some of the Debs–and I’ll continue to be a regular commenter. It’s just so cool that you started this—and now you get to sit back and watch it grow. Good job, mama!

    Oh, yeah, we need to chat sometime soon, okay?

  4. Kristy, first may be all shallow and say you look GORGEOUS in that photo? But more importantly is the gorgeousness and generosity that emanates from within you. I feel grateful to have found you and to have been invited to be a part of this world YOU created. Thank you is not enough…

  5. It is not overstating it to say it has been a true honor to get to know you and have the chance to work with you. I admire you for your writing, your hard work to get your work out there and noticed and your ability to never see writing/publication as a contest. You have always supported other writers.


    You know you can always guest blog when you new releases come out- there is always room at the dance for a classy lady like you.

  6. Big sniff! Maybe even a sniffle!!

    Kristy, you are absolutely wonderful and I too am so grateful to have had the chance to know you and your work. I am also LOVING being a part of The Ball–the blogging, getting to know some of the readers and sharing this experience with this fabulous group of women. Wow.

    We will miss your tremendously and probably come hounding you for a visit and update before long. Thanks for starting this whole thing, for your guidance and for…well…all of it.

    And you do look gorgeous in your new photo!

    With a big hug!

    Deb Danielle

  7. How can I be late for your last twirl around the floor, Kristy? Except no matter what you claim, in my mind and heart, you will always BE here…you can’t take that away from me. Thank you for everything, past, present and future!

  8. Kristy, I feel so exceptionally privileged to have met you and to have been a part of the Debs experience with you. As the other Debs have said above, we will miss you very much…and THANK YOU for starting this dance!!

    For being such an amazing inspiration and support, I will always be grateful.

    (PS: you are so beautiful in your new photo!!)

    Deb Jess

  9. Aww, I knew you’d make it eventually, Larramie! 😀 And thank YOU for all of your wonderful support.

    Jess, you’re killin’ me here! Thank you, it’s been an honor getting to know you all and I can’t wait to see you all realize your dreams.

    Dance on!

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