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I haven’t been to the beach yet this summer but I am going to Madeline Island next week (yay!) and the book I’m bringing is Barry Eisler’s Requiem for an Assassin which I bought after our hottest authors week and I figured if I was going to drool over his picture on his website I had to do the honorable thing and buy his book. Much to my surprise, I’m finding my first thriller… thrilling. So that’s what I’m reading at the beach next week.

But for all of you out there in the blogosphere I can’t help but recommend my fellow Deb’s books for the best beach reads this summer. Just to refresh your memory… that would include Jenny Gardiner’s Sleeping With Ward Cleaver one the best, most honest novels about midlife marriage (and very funny!) and Eileen Cook’s Unpredictable that will have you cracking up so hard people on the beach might move away (giving you more room to lounge and read!) and Lisa Daily’s Fifteen Minutes of Shame hilarious and true (make sure you have a pitcher of margaritas and some good friends nearby) and Jess Riley’s Driving Sideways another laugh out loud funny book that’ll make you want to put on your flip-flops and take your own road trip (if gasoline prices weren’t so outrageous… so stay home and read the book instead). And last but not least Danielle Younge-Ullman’s Falling Under an absolutely original new voice in fiction with an edgy narrator you can’t help but root for. That should keep you busy for the rest of the summer!


Two more INCREDIBLE beach reads: Kristy Kiernan’s already critically acclaimed second novel MATTERS OF FAITH about families and faith and so masterfully written you’d think it ws her 10th novel. And Amy MacKinnon’s TETHERED a dark edgy tale that will not let you go until the last page. Also brilliantly rendered!

Deb Gail

Health update: I had my 2 and a half year check-up on Tuesday and while I don’t like getting MRI’s, not only is it freaky to lie face down and get sucked into that narrow tube and feel ice-cold potentially poisonous contrast coursing through my veins and listen to that loud erratic avant-garde tap tap tapping but I also don’t really like my insides so scrutinized because it scares me, worries me, makes me feel invaded… and yet… as soon as the doctor told me (after 6 looong hours of waiting) that I was okay, I was giddy with joy. I leapt out of my chair and hugged her and the two med students trailing her and I whipped open my gown to show them my boobs (when they asked me to!) without an ounce of self-consciousness or shame that one was less than perfect. (I’d worn a new fun and funky bra with a pink and brown polka-dotted pattern that day and for a second my magical thinking mind thought that was the reason I was okay).

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  1. YAY!!!!!! So thrilled for your great news! And thanks for the kind words! My husband just started Barry’s book and a relative of mine who is quite knowledgeable in that field, says he’s spot-on and the best in writing that whole genre

  2. Gail (and Lisa):

    I have done Shoe Contests on my blog for Jess, Eileen and next month Jenny. If you’re interested in having one of your own, please let me know. I love me some Debs!

  3. Congrats on the wonderful news. Another beach read you might want to check into is Tan Lines by J. J. Salem. This is one funny book. You can see my review and check out the video for it on my blog this Tuesday.

  4. You’re more than welcome Jenny! And seriously for those of you who haven’t read Jenny’s book DO IT! And thanks for the congrats!! So happy to be getting older tomorrow. SO HAPPY!!

    Hi Suzy! Thanks for stopping by! I would LOVE a contest!! I e-mailed you! Thanks so much!

    Hi Cheryl. Thanks for the book recommendation. Will check out the video tomorrow!

  5. I’m with you on the magical thinking. I’d be wearing that bra for every check-up from now on!

    Also, this makes me want to go bra shopping.

  6. Gail, terrific news about your check-up! Yay for you! I’m a year and a half post lumpectomy and radiation therapy for breast cancer, so I know how great it feels to get that thumbs-up from your docs everytime. I had two book deadlines (and got engaged to my now-husband) while going through my boobal crisis. Thinking back, I’m so glad I had the writing (and the incredible guy!) to keep my mind occupied…and keep the crying to a bare minimum. It’s amazing how strong we can be when we have to be. You’re a fab example of that! So keep doing what you’re doing, please!

    Susan McBride
    THE DEBS, Random House, 08/26/08

  7. Good choices, Gail, but I’d like to add Kristy Kiernan’s MATTERS OF FAITH due out on August 5th and TETHERED, Amy MacKinnon’s debut, available on August 12th. Both are amazing!

    And that “magical” bra sounds like a keeper.

  8. Larramie!!! How could I forget. Two of my absolute favorite books EVER. I’m going back to edit them into my post right now!!

    And thanks Susan for the comment. You’re so right and I’m happy you’re healthy, too! Looking forward to reading your book!

  9. Great news Gail! And I’d say watch out you don’t get arrested, but I guess your style of flashing is quite specific. Only in hospitals. Only if you ask. Only if you wear a white coat and have a medical degree. Ya, you’ll probably be okay. Seriously though I totally snorted on reading about you flashing the med students. Laugh out loud funny. Could be in an episode of “House” funny. Of course without them asking for permission though. Tee hee.

  10. Oh yes very specific but sometimes I let that particular bra sort peek out of the top of a summer shirt since it’s so fun and funky really subtly though…

  11. Gail, I’m so happy to hear your good health news! And thank you for your awesome pluggage for all the Debs’ books. 🙂

    I can’t wait to read Amy’s and Kristy’s books…I love both premises!

  12. Gail, I see The Oppressor is ahead of me in commenting, which means I am behind. (Obviously, since I’m up and commenting at 3:54 in the freaking morning–nothing like a big to-do list to keep a person awake at night, lol)

    I love this list, am happy to be on it and am SO happy to know you’re healthy!

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