Blown Away by Meg Tilly by Deb Danielle

There was some talk of extending the topic of “being bad” just for me, since I had Amanda Eyre Ward as my guest last week and therefore missed a golden opportunity to reveal sordid details of my past and poke fun at myself for the sake of entertainment—mine and yours. I was eager to do so and had great plans for something funny, dark and maybe just a little bit deep. I was even going to incorporate this week’s topic, bump in the night, and tie it all up with a clever bow for you.

And then I saw Meg Tilly.

Specifically, I saw Meg Tilly do a reading from her new YA novel, Porcupine, in a funky indie bookstore, Type, in Toronto tonight.

I saw Meg Tilly read and there is no point trying to be clever after that.

Forget The Big Chill and Agnes of God and anything else to do with Hollywood, which Meg left in the dust long ago. Meg can WRITE! (I realize I’m behind some of you in this realization—I just found out.) Not only can Meg write but she is absolutely riveting as a reader.

I’ve been to lots of readings lately, some awful, some fabulous. Good or bad though, I’m always very aware of the author—aware of the author as a separate entity from their book. But Meg just…became her book. She channeled the book, filled the room with it, brought the entire world of her twelve-year-old heroine to us so vividly that I breathed with her, felt everything and heard the words as if they were coming from inside my own head.

This is the first reading I’ve seen where there seemed no barrier between the writer and the words, no barrier, even, between the words and the thoughts. It wasn’t about “acting” or “performing” or any of that stuff. It was grounded, instinctive and beautiful and it totally blew me away.

Porcupine has been released by Tundra Books and I urge you to run out and get it. And if you can somehow get Meg to read it to you in person, you’ll have trouble being clever for a couple of days, but it’ll be worth it.

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  1. Obviously she should so it in audio book. Sounds like she is as good a performer as a writer and there are some of us who only have time for audio books, unabridged.

  2. Sorry I missed it! I will definitely have to pick up the book, though. I used to have a writing teacher who could read a Chinese food menu and mezmerize the entire audience. I’m thinking I’ll have to rent someone like that down the road when it comes time to do readings; no one wants to listen to a stuttering, blushing mess. Danielle, with your acting background and wonderful sense of poise, I’m sure you’ll do awesome readings and I really can’t wait to attend them!

  3. Hi Cindy–an audio book would be great, though it’s for young adults, so I don’t know how many audio books they do.

    Jenny–I’m still not off the hook?!

    Joanne–thanks for the vote of confidence about my future readings. I know I’ll at least be audible and not a total mess, but I doubt I could mezmerize a group like Meg Tilly did last night!

  4. Talk about odd events- I just met Meg Tilly last weekend at a writer’s conference. She was amazing and really interesting to talk to. I would have sucked up all her time- except that would be rude and I have some (limited) social skills. Also check out her adult book Gemma- it’s a heart breaker.

  5. I LOVE Meg Tilly!! Singing Songs is a great book and she comes from this really eccentric family. How lucky you were able to hear her read. But I agree with Jenny, you still have to write the being bad post!

  6. Eileen–that’s so freaky! My friend Bev (Katz-Rosenbaum) and I had a chat with her and she’s a total sweetie.

    Jess–she does have a great website! And I think you’ll love her writing.

    Larramie–I know now that there was some big publicity when her first book came out, but somehow I missed it. She’s talented!

    Gail–Singing Songs is on my list now too. And I promise, I’ll write about being bad one of these weeks.

  7. I actually tore through the book today and it was absolutely fabulous. What was neat was that I could totally ‘hear’ Meg reading the book as I read it! Such a fun night, eh, Danielle?

  8. Hi D! So I found my way over to Meg’s website today and it is so absolutely adorable and I LOVE the recipe part–I keep thinking about putting recipes on mine too but just haven’t gotten around to it. I would SO have to have a pie-off with her, though…My mom’s pie crust is the world’s best…Which makes me think, hmmm…I’ve got a bunch of apples in the fridge and it’s rainy and cold and yucky, and maybe an apple pie would be so mood-enhancing right about now LOL
    Anyhow, back to Meg’s website–you can tell she’s got a great spirit, you know what I mean?

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