Book promotion websites

Whether it’s your first book or your fifteenth, you need to know about effective book promotion. Luckily, some generous folks have websites designed to help everyone from newbies to old pros navigate the confusing and (we admit it!) sometimes overwhelming process of getting the word out about new books.

Here are a few links we like:

Book Promotion 101

Bella Stander runs this site, and she’s a well-regarded pro (Deb Sarah is one satisfied client!) Among the many offerings she includes on her website are a list of book festivals across the country. The site is also chock-full of helpful articles, including “40 Ways to Make Your Book Signing an Event!” and links to books that many authors consider the bibles of promotion.

Buzz, Balls & Hype

M.J. Rose is the mastermind behind this popular website, and she brings along some serious street cred: She’s the bestselling author of The Memorist, among other books. Scroll through her blog, and you’ll find some fantastic, creative musings on writing and marketing. And did we mention that M.J. is one of the nicest people in the business?

This is just a jumping off point – now the 2010 Debs would love it if you’d tell us: what are your favorite book promotion websites, books, or other tools?

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