Bookstores are no bore

As far as I’m concerned, all books should be FREE for everyone to enjoy.  Hey, wait a second.. did I really just say that?  I have honestly lost it.   Here I am trying to SELL books hoping to make some extra cash, and my mouth utters the cruelest betrayal.  Ok mouth you asked for it.  You are officially on a time-out for the rest of this blog. What? (muffled complaining) Don’t argue with me young lady, I am DEAD serious!  (more muffled complaining) Excuse me, was that more back talk?  Not another word missy, or you’ll be going to bed without dinner!!  (Long silence with threatening stare) Good, now getting back to the topic at hand…

I guess if books can’t be free, bookstores are the place to be.  That “new book” smell is as intoxicating and addictive as “new car” smell.  You get the rush of the unexpected; so much promise and possibility. Just think…the next book you pick up could change your life forever.  Many have.  Then again, many come in clever whimsical disguises with irresistible covers designed to catch your eye and capture your imagination, but leave you as empty as your pockets will be once you’ve paid the bill. 

For the record, “old book,” or “ancient library smell” should be bottled as a fragrance in my opinion.  It takes you to places long gone, conjuring up romantic memories of times when writers used quills, wrote by candlelight and there was no “word check” to correct human error.  Would I have attempted to write back then?  Hmm… I wonder.  I’m pretty clumsy and would probably knock over those glass ink bottles all the time getting ink all over my precious petticoat.   

By the way–did you know the U.S. Supreme Court still uses 1200 quills a year, upholding a tradition it began in 1801?  Yup. It turns out times haven’t changed that much!

Anyhow, getting back to bookstores, I’ve been spending even more time in them these days since my book debut.  I am amused with the social oasis bookstores have become.  Pick up a best-seller -or my freshman offering for just 9.95- (shameless plug) enjoy some java, grab some grub, make some new friends, and stay until closing time.  Sounds like the perfect day to me.

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