Cancer is a Bitch- but Gail isn’t by Deb Eileen

Writing is a funny thing. It isn’t like other jobs where you share a cubicle wall with someone. You don’t have a lunch room or an official holiday party where you can drink to much and end up photocopying your bum. As a writer- if you “borrow” office supplies you’re really just taking them from yourself, which sort of reduces the thrill. Writing involves a lot of people- but in the end you have to do it by yourself.

Cancer is a Bitch reminded me that fighting an illness is the same thing. The process involves doctors, specialists, your family and random insurance companies- but in the end- you have to do the hard work yourself. You can’t choose what happens- only how you cope with it.

In the past few years as I’ve lurched towards publication I’ve met a lot of people. Some think it is no big deal, some are more impressed than they should be. You meet some who to your face say how GREAT they think is that you were published, but behind your back they make snide remarks about your book and maybe you too.

Writing is something you do on your own- but who you choose to surround yourself is important. You want someone who will call you on your BS and pick you up when you’re low. You need someone who will read just one more version of your latest WIP. Someone who can give you advice when needed and when what you really need is reassurance offer that too. You want someone you can trust- someone you can be honest with. You want someone like the women on this site, someone like Gail. I’ve been honored to work with her (and all debs past and present)- my life is richer for having them in it.

Cancer is a Bitch reminded me that while I have the ultimate responsibility to move myself forward- regardless the situation- choosing who I make the journey with can make all the difference in the world.

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  1. Great post, Eileen. I think it’s true that you find out who your real friends are when something bad happens–and when something good happens. And the debs are really great about offering their support in both cases. Congratulations, Gail, on what I’m sure has been a triumphant release week. We can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. Trusting your journey companion(s) is not only key to happiness but to success as well. And, from the “get-go,” Gail’s total honesty must have spurred you all on.

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