Congrats, Deb Alicia!

I absolutely loved Simply From Scratch.

It’s the sort of book I’d naturally be drawn to in a store, because of the warm, engaging cover, the fun title, and the glowing cover quotes from authors like Marisa de los Santos.  So I’m very lucky I got to read an early copy – and the book was, without a doubt, everything I hoped it would be. As I’ve gotten to know Alicia this year, I’ve realized how sweet, compassionate, and good-hearted she is – and yet, there’s a secret side of her that loves rock ’em-sock ’em kung-fu movies. It all makes sense, because her book – so warm-hearted and hopeful! – also packs a powerful emotional punch.

Here are just a few things I adore in Alicia’s book:

* The narrator’s name, Zell – what a cool, creative nickname for Rose-Ellen!

* The pirate-speak. Cracks me up every time Zell assumes the voice of her dog, Captain Ahab, and mimics him calling her a “saucy wench” or “yellow-bellied milksop.”

* The big twist involving a character.

* The present inside Nick’s box. I get teary just thinking about this one.

You’ll love Simply From Scratch, too. I’m not at all surprised that it’s already a bestseller in Germany. Treat yourself and buy a copy by clicking here! And don’t forget to test out Alicia’s own recipe in the back.

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Congrats, Alicia! Here’s to a fabulous debut. I’m proud to be in the 2010 class with you!

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  1. Kathy, you’ll love it!
    Greg, you never fail to crack me up, sometimes to the point of snorting.
    Happy reading, everyone!

  2. Hi everyone – the randomly chosen winner is Jonita! (Her name was announced in the newsflash on Sunday). Congrats Jonita!

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