Cool Fuel from Deb Kim


Verb: Supply or power (an industrial plant, vehicle, or machine) with fuel: “a big novel that is fueled by anger and revenge”. Noun: Material such as coal, gas, or oil that is burned to produce heat or power. 

What fuels you? What fuels me? Interesting question. My best writing stems from a place of great emotional attachment. The emotion can be anger, indigination (righteous  baby) joy, amusement or even sadness. For writing to have passion, I think you need to feel passion. And not just the Tawna kind, although there’s certainly a place for that. As you well know about it if you read my captivating SEX chapter. (Insert winky icon here.)

When I write I need to feel the same thrill as I get from seeing a Camaro on the road. Heart revs up, brain runs on all cylinders (4, 6, or 8 depends on day) and I burn rubber across the page. Then there are low fuel days. You know you need to write. You might have a deadline – real or self-imposed. And you sit at your computer feeling lower than low with an empty tank. It’s not writer’s block, per se – you’re just not that motivated to write.  Music fuels me for certain. Coffee helps or a cold drink on a warm day when I’m sitting my deck with my laptop. Never alcohol. I’m no teetotaler, but WUI doesn’t appeal to me. On low fuel days I sit down, close my eyes and just think of what the story, character, column needs to have to come alive.  The engine sputters. I contemplate literary jumper cables (more coffee please) and turn to AAA of writing – my agent. My writer friends. Then the engine turns over and I’m off. Maybe for a Sunday drive, maybe a race around the track.

No fuel.
Where do you fill up? 

8 Replies to “Cool Fuel from Deb Kim”

  1. Nice ride!

    Right now, deep into edits on my debut novel and working with a deadline for the first time, I’m finding panic to be a pretty good fuel. Really gets that writing adrenaline going. 😉

  2. Some kind of emotion helps me with fiction, too. With non-fiction (just because of the kind I write, like book reviews), it’s more helpful for me to be contemplative, almost dispassionate.

    And I have a strange, strange love for muscle cars. Deb drag race, anyone?

  3. Bring it! I am strangely into muscle cars – went to a car show last week in my town and had to bring a drool bucket! We have a woman in town who owns a soft pink 1957 Thunderbird that would make a grown man cry. I simply stopped dead in my tracks and played statue for a few minutes. Someday I’m going own that Camaro in the photo! (Checking Matchbox inventory now.) I always had a 5 speed stick – until I got the dreaded minivan when Gianna was born.

  4. I can fill up fairly easily — where I get flummoxed is trying to use the fuel most effectively. Right now I’m struggling with balance (okay, ALWAYS doing that, but now in a specific way). With Populazzi coming out in just over a month, I want to pull out the kitchen sink to try and promote it and do great things for it. At the same time, I want to jump on the next book, PLUS I have other paid assignments I need to do. I sometimes feel like I get perplexed about how best to use my fuel to get the most out of each of these to-do items.

    Don’t have the answer yet, but that’s my struggle du jour. 🙂

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