Deb Amy And The Story Of Villainous Spam

Spam means different things to different people.

There is this kind of Spam:

I don’t care for it, but doesn’t get in my way, clutter my inbox, or try to get me to buy, let’s say whole-sale-something-or-other. I don’t have to pluck it off the shelf if I don’t want it. I don’t need help removing it if by accident someone throws it into my cart.  This Spam may be canned meat, but it’s the other spam I find somewhat uncanny.

Comment spam! Every blogger’s nightmare.

This week The Debutante Ball has been spammed so many times in the comments section, I dare say The Debs have lost count.  We’ve been told our C7hri*mas sotires are wUnderfal.  And lordie, if some of them don’t really want us to buy some whole-$ale-watches-0nlyne. Others seem to be having conversations with someone for a paragraph or two before saying how the c0ntent on the bl0g is sooplime.

And I’m reading this crap which is all a bunch of mushed up words, smooshed together trying to look like something it’s not.

Just like the other spam!

The Debs have changed settings, marked comments, said prayers, and done the secret anti-spam dance (sorry debs, I know I said I wouldn’t tell).  So bear with us, if you see a funky comment that we’ve missed, please let us know.

And in the mean time, I have FABULOU$ links to luxury watches and some high powered vacuum cleaners, if anyone is interested.

What’s your worst story about spam? Do you ever wonder about the ding dongs who make that comment spam happen? They may not be villains — but they are certainly nobody’s hero except their own. 

And most importantly — have you ever eaten SPAM? Now’s your chance to ‘fess up!

9 Replies to “Deb Amy And The Story Of Villainous Spam”

  1. Ugh. We used to get hit hard from time to time when I was a Deb, too. Seems like it comes in waves.

    And, yes, I HAVE eaten real spam. Mostly when I was a kid. It’s not half-bad if you fry it up with some pineapple and serve it over rice. 😉

    1. I’m glad it’s not just us, Linda! There are a few things I can go my whole life and happily never even taste. One is spam, and the other is cottage cheese. My world is complete without them! 😉 But you know what that means? More for you! 😀

      1. A. Cottage Cheese is one of my favorite foods. I will defend its honor to the death! The death, I say!

        B. Spam’s fine too. You slice it longwise, ignoring the ‘shooop’ sound it makes as the slice separates from its motherspam, and serve it on toast with hot baked beans over the top. Dana, I can feel you cringing right now. This isn’t something you want to eat on a regular basis. Unlike cottage cheese.

  2. Green eggs and spam, anyone? As Linda says, it’s not bad fried, although I wouldn’t want pineapple with it. As for the obnoxious and annoying spam – sometimes in the bad spamglish ones there are some real gems. My favorite that I remember is “lovely sharp publish to you.”

  3. This absolutely cracked me up. I always look forward to your Friday posts.

    I’ve had horrific problems with spam on my own blogs off and on over the years. One of my favorites was a “great information – you help me learning grately!” – from a URL advertising cheese graters, on a post about the fact that I wanted to build a bear pit to toss telemarketers and spammers into.

    Oh, I’ll help him with his learning, all right. Step right this way …

  4. Ha! Your spam selections are hilarious. My husband studies/writes about counterfeit pharmaceuticals, and when I read him some of the drug pitches in my spam filter, he always cracks up.

    In terms of your other question, I have, in fact, eaten Spam, and as Linda says, it isn’t half bad fried (with some honey mustard)! I mean, I wouldn’t want it every day, but it isn’t dreadful. And per your comments, the only kind of cottage cheese I will eat is the “whipped” kind, where all of the lumps and curds disappear and it basically has the texture of ricotta (and tastes better, too). I can’t handle the normal texture and flavor combo.

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