Deb Amy Dishes About Deb Kerry


This week we’ve celebrated Deb Kerry’s debut novel, BETWEEN, with a look inside the Deb interview, multiple giveaway opportunities, fabulous food, and lots of penguins. Don’t forget to leave a comment each day (there’s still time) to have a chance to win your own copy of BETWEEN and more!

As we wrap up BETWEEN week here at The Ball, I wanted to slow things down a bit to tell you a little about Kerry Schafer the friend instead of Kerry Schafer the penguin-loving, dreamshifter-writing, author.

Kerry is KIND. She’s a friend who responds to all your tweets and your emails with an offer of help or an acknowledgment of shared frustration.  With Deb Kerry in your corner, you’re never alone, even when you’re in two different parts of the country.  We’ve talked about much more than books and writing since August when we donned our dancing shoes.

Kerry is EXUBERANT.  She is as happy for you as she is for herself–whether it’s your book deal, your brand new book cover or your kid’s accomplishment.  Kerry is the person who sets herself aside, even on her launch week when she’s crazy busy. She’s never too busy for a friend.

Kerry is REAL. What you see is what you get with Deb Kerry.  She’s honest. And you can’t ask for more than that in someone you spend a year sharing a blog, and hopefully much longer sharing a friendship.

Kerry is RESILIANT. We all have our problems but Kerry seems to bounce back from hers like Tigger on a double espresso. I admire her for that and much more.

And most importantly, Kerry is the type of friend who won’t mind that I couldn’t think of an appropriate Y word to finish up this post.

4 Replies to “Deb Amy Dishes About Deb Kerry”

  1. YAY for Kerry! (Hey, there’s a Y-word for you.) That’s how I feel about Kerry’s first (of many, I hope!) book coming out. 😀

  2. Amy – I feel a little bit like there’s a team of cheerleaders somewhere shouting, “Give me a K… The missing Y is of no import because Kerr is a great nickname. ~grin~

    That was lovely. Thank you so much – I am blessed to be part of the Deb Ball this year.

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