Deb Amy Goes All Cliché About Endings

For me, endings remind me of beginnings. Doors and windows close, others open. Opportunities come a-knocking. It’s cliché, but I’ve found it to be mostly true.

As I’m wrapping up my year on The Debutante Ball, I’m thinking about the new class of Debs and what it’ll be like to read their posts, follow their journeys, share in their excitement. For me, I think about how I will be able to support that class by commenting on their posts, using social media to spread the word, and then reading their books. It was only the other day while I was looking at my online calendar, at a day near the end of the year, that I noticed “Deb Ball Post” still marked in orange on every Friday. I’d set that to be on my calendar, along with certain bell-and-whistle type reminders, each Friday forever after. And I’ll have to change that. I realized there will be a hole in my blogging week, and I slumped. What would this mean for me? It could mean I take a break from an additional blogging gig—or look for another one. Or take on another project or blog or adventure. I would not have agreed to another regular blog in addition to my own and The Deb Ball, but now, I might be able to do something new.

It’s the open window I was talking about.

Glass Wives_final coverBut when readers ask me about the ending of The Glass Wives, it’s a different store. That window on cover? The one with the tea cups? It’s closed. Folks ask me what happens next. They share with their thoughts, assumptions, beliefs, and hopes. But for me, that window closed. The story of Evie Glass and Nicole Glass, the misbegotten housemates, ends at the end of the book. I never considered their future, or a sequel, or even lent them a modicum of hope.

I guess I nailed that sucker shut.

But…what I did do was start another book. Actually, since I was finished writing The Glass Wives I’ve written parts of several novels, and am now working my way toward the end of the next one that will be published. So maybe writing that first novel and wrapping up the stories of its characters was as much for me as its was for them.

Whew! Window open! I can breathe again.

Oh what the hell. I’ll climb through.

2 Replies to “Deb Amy Goes All Cliché About Endings”

  1. It really is bittersweet to see our year on the Ball drawing to an end. Like you, I’m eager to see what next year’s debs have in store – and also like you, I’m crawling through new writing windows (though still in the company of the ninjas, for which I’m grateful!).

  2. This is one ending that doesn’t bother me. Funny how that is. I’m excited for the next group of Debs to step up – I want to see what they’ll do. And I believe that the friends I’ve made this year as a Deb will still be with me. So I guess it doesn’t really feel like something is ending. Just changing a little.

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