Deb Amy Listens To Her Dreams, Or At Least She Tries

deb dream.jpgWhen I was pregnant the first time, I had baby boy dreams. We never picked a girl’s name.

I had a baby boy.

I was in college when I woke up the morning of my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah and recalled my dream from the night before, that my history professor was at the service.  I told my father about my funny dream, and prompty forgot about it, as we’re apt to do, until the service was over. Until my history professor walked out of the service and said hello.

The night before my ex-husband died I dreamt about life insurance.

I have learned to listen to my dreams.

The trick, though, is remembering our dreams. And that is true for all kinds of dreams, isn’t it?

Dreams take two forms. The kind we’re not in control of that run through our visual psyche as we sleep. Then there’s the kind for which we close our eyes and clench our fists. The dreams for which we hope and plan. The ones that inspire doodles and daydreams and book deals.

And those can be the easiest dreams to forget.

Have you ever forgotten a dream (of any kind) and then remembered it later?  What did you do about it? 


7 Replies to “Deb Amy Listens To Her Dreams, Or At Least She Tries”

  1. I tend to be reminded of the dreams as I go throughout the day, usually by doing some small daily act that happened in the dream. I picked up a glass off the counter, and am reminded of picking up a glass in a dream and then whatever else happened in that dream. I love your dream stories, Amy.


    I’ve had a few experiences like that — dreaming of something and then having something similar happen in real life. But not as often as you. That Bar Mitzvah story is cray cray.

    I tend to remember my dreams, but occasionally I’ll forget and then something will happen during the day that prompts me to say, “Oh my gosh, I forgot — last night I had the weirdest dream…” And then the eye rolling ensues.

  3. Dana,
    The Bar Mitzvah dream was so bizarre. No way at all I could have known that my history professor was the father of the my cousin’s cousin’s wife (on the other side of my cousin’s family). And then of course, everyone knew…so it was a day of me being asked if I often dreamt about my professors. Not before and not since. Thank goodness!

    And don’t joke about the psychic thing. I don’t believe in it but have had way too many dreams and premonitions come through that I have a hearty respect for female intuition!

    If I only realized it was intuition BEFORE things happened!

  4. Wow. Those are some amazing dreams. It must feel really creepy when you have one of those prescient dreams now. That would freak me out completely!

  5. Wow, I’ve never had that type of experience with dreams. You must have great intuition. I remember most of my dreams pretty well usually. I see them more as a source of amusement than anything else. I’m a big horror fan, so a lot of my dreams end up having horrific aspects to them (zombies, ghosts, etc) and instead of getting scared by them I’m always happy to have them. It’s like getting to watch a horror movie, for free!

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