Deb Amy’s Work-In-Progress Is Full Of Secrets

I’m working a new novel and it was inspired by a movie I watched about five years ago (but was made many years ago). But, because we’re all such impressionable creatures, I’ve decided not to tell anyone (else) what movie that was. Why? Because it creates expectations. Readers, friends, editors, even agents, connect the dots and reveal a picture that is not what I intend, but what they imagine. And while books belong to the people who read them—that’s not true AS the book is being written. That’s when it only belongs to the writer (which would be me).

But something that’s not a secret, is what that book is about. It’s about Izzy Lane, a divorced mom who’s about to turn forty, who conjures up a love life to 1) rattle her ex-husband, and 2) energize her blog posts. What she didn’t expect was that her ex wouldn’t care, but her readers would. Blog traffic soars. She’s getting a lot of attention online. And just when the lies she’s telling online are forcing her and her conscience to come clean to her best friends, she’s offered a job as a relationship and dating blogger for Philadelphia’s hottest pop culture website.

And she takes it.

Not only is Izzy going to keep her identity a secret, she’s going to continue the life of her faux boyfriend, at least for the time being.  Or until someone else figures out what she’s doing and threatens to take her job, tell her friends, and ruin her life.  During this time, Izzy also gets so wrapped up in her life online that she neglects her real life.

What I keep in mind as I’m writing this book, currently titled, FALLING INTO PLACE, is what makes people keep big secrets? What entices people to tell, not white lies, but life lies? In Izzy’s case it’s not a matter of being sneaky or mean. So what is it?  Insecurity? Privacy? Fun? Maybe it’s an escape? A game?  Maybe it’s a means to an end. When Izzy proliferates her lies and secrets by accepting the job—she needs to supplement her income. So she justifies her actions with regards to her needs.

Whom of us haven’t done that?

I’m hoping that through Izzy’s own secrets, and the ones she discovers others are keeping, remind us all that we’re not alone in wanting things to be a certain way. We’re not alone in wanting to be a certain way ourselves and to build a facade for our lives or create a mirage for a minute, hour or day.  What I know is that from keeping secrets and telling lies, Izzy learns how to tell the truth.

Can’t really ask for more than that.

P.S. In the book, Izzy is a brunette with very short hair, she doesn’t look like the woman in the photo!

P.P.S. If you guess the movie that inspired FALLING INTO PLACE, let me know!

4 Replies to “Deb Amy’s Work-In-Progress Is Full Of Secrets”

  1. This book sounds amazing. I love stories that revolve around lies (and almost every story I write does!). And I’m wracking my brain trying to figure out what movie… but only one springs to mind that I’m pretty sure isn’t right. So I won’t embarrass myself by guessing. Great post, Amy!

  2. I want to read this book right now!! Or, you know, as soon as I finish The Glass Wives (which I’m LOVING) and have time to read lots of books again ;).

    Let me ponder that movie. I bet my husband would know. He’s a movie buff and frequently injects sentences into conversation like, “That reminds me of that little known comedy from 1953…” To which everyone politely nods and smiles and probably thinks, “Whatever you say, weirdo…”

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