The Muse Amuses Deb Elise

“Musings on the Muse?”  Well, if that’s the topic, there’s clearly only one thing to write about this week.


Oh hell yes.  Xanadu.  The best bad movie ever made.  And it’s about The Muses.

Did I have the soundtrack on 8-Track Tape?  Oh yes I did.  Did I play it in my 2X-L and dance around my basement?  Oh yes I did.  Do I still know every single word on that album?  Oh yes I do.

I also to this day have my very own pair of bright, shiny white roller skates — not blades, skates.  They have purple laces, wheels, and brake stoppers, and I am the coolest mom at the roller rink parties… though I’m trumped by the coolest dad, a friend of mine who was actually a competitive roller skater in the 70’s and 80’s.  I have never asked him if he was inspired by Xanadu, but how could he not have been?

If you’ve never seen the movie, I can’t even tell you how amazing a cultural phenomenon you missed.  If you have, you’re no doubt already humming the theme song to yourself.  And on the off chance you’re not, I bring it here to you now.  Watch and enjoy — between the bad effects, the bad acting from Olivia Newton John’s love interest, the bad costumes, the bad hair on the random tightrope walkers — it’s all so, so, so good, and if you’re anything like me, it’ll bliss you out beyond all reason.

Now I recognize nothing can top Xanadu, but I do know there are other phenomenal bad movies, and I’d love to hear all about your favorites.  Need some music to help you think?  Click “play” again and listen to ONJ just one more time.  I guarantee I’ll be playing it all night long.


Deb Elise

6 Replies to “The Muse Amuses Deb Elise”

  1. It is, without a doubt, one of the most inexplicable movies ever made. But I would watch Gene Kelly in anything, and I did!

    Not only do I have a copy of Xanadu on VHS, but I found the song with the merging visions of the skating rink – half Andrews sisters, half early ‘eighties jumpsuit rock – and bought it for my MP3 player.

    My favorite bits, though, are the emerging muses from the mural and the finale.

    1. Ah yes, the Mash-up! I know it well! It is beyond stellar.

      I think my fave is when Sonny’s reading the definition of “muse” in the dictionary and it includes the words “now do you believe me, Sonny?”

      Gold, I tell you! Gold!

  2. I think I might have seen the movie once, ages ago, but I do love the soundtrack.

    I am inexplicably fond of Gotcha, featuring a young Anthony Edwards. I am reasonably certain it is not a good movie at all, but I own it on DVD and will watch it at the drop of a hat.

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