Deb Joanne Runs to the Sea

This week’s theme is Getting Away. Wow, how timely. My book releases in Canada tomorrow and next Tuesday in the U.S., so you can bet I really want to get away. This past year has been full of getting ready for this and I’m sure feeling that. I need a holiday.

And for me (and thankfully my husband) the best holiday is one spent at sea. That’s right: I’m a cruiser. You may already know this, since I talked about my last cruise a bit at Thanksgiving, but I’m never as happy as I am when I’m at sea.

So now, as I’m going a bit insane with book release(s) and launch stuff, I’m going to give you a peek into why the ocean is my happy place.


And here’s a photo montage (admittedly, with some weirdly random photos that my husband included, like the artwork and elevator maintenance – what the?)

So let’s hear about YOUR happy place! Where do YOU love to be when you’re getting away?

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  1. Good Morning Everyone,

    Yes I know you missed my comments last week (well that is because I am still wiping away the tears from the wonderful post, and if you can believe it,me at a loss for words. Beautiful post J you made your Dad so proud).

    Well, lets see vacations, (before I can write I have to stop feeling nauseous and ready to barf, yep you guessed it do not do cruises)I love to go to Florida for the sun, the shopping and the LOBSTER, New York, Europe all different kinds of holiday’s are great anytime, it’s called the get away from everything (yep including the kids and grandkids, and a few friends along the way).

    My biggest happy place right now is the planning of J’s launch party here at the house. (oh I love to do parties of any kind, it is my second best to getting away and my third to cooking for everyone).

    It seemed so far away at one point and now it is so exciting to see everything come together for you my wonderful daughter, we are so so proud. The excitement of walking into a book store and seeing Small Medium at Large sitting on the shelf and being able to say THAT’S MY DAUGHTERS BOOK buy it now you won’t regret it I promise it is a wonderful funny read. (okay J I will stop now).

    The next best happy place would be having you all here with us for Joanne’s launch and party (I know not possible, so we will post pictures and enjoy them all together).

    Have a great week.

  2. Hi Linda

    One of these days we will have the pleasure of having you for dinner just let us know when and I am ready.

  3. Joanne, as you and I have discussed I was raised on The Love Boat (not literally-though how much fun would that have been? 😉 ) so I love this post! Thanks for taking me along!

  4. Oh Erika that would be great I have skype on my big computer I will get Joanne to put it on my lap top and we can have you be here at the party. Great idea

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