Deb Joelle’s book opens new worlds…

Before I began Restoring Harmony, I hadn’t read YA in years. Sure, I’d skimmed Twilight to see what all the fuss was about (one word: Edward), but that was the extent of my recent experience with the genre.

So I want to thank Joelle for introducing me to this whole new world of books, because I absolutely loved Restoring Harmony, and I’ve since devoured several other terrific YA books. I’m not surprised Joelle’s publisher snapped up her second book before Restoring Harmony even hit the bookstore, because her writing is so clear and compelling, and her plot so adrenaline-boosting, that I’m convinced people of all ages are going to gobble up her debut this summer. I loved Joelle’s strong, smart main character, Molly McClure, and I love the backstory behind the real-life Molly doppelganger – a fiddler named Sarah Tradewell. (Read all about it, and more, on Joelle’s website here.)

You can buy Restoring Harmony right here, right now. You’ll flip the pages fast as you learn about the dystopian world of 2041 – and how Molly’s musical skills and natural street smarts equip her to deal with everything that is thrown in her path as she sets out on a long journey to save her grandparents.

Congrats to Joelle – you’re off to a terrific start, (and Joelle, I hope you appreciate the fact that even though I really, really wanted to use a lot of exclamation points in this post, I refrained)

I can’t wait to read all the books you’ll write in the future!!!!! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself)

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  1. AW!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!! And just a reminder to everyone else, your comment puts you in the drawing for a signed copy of RH – my way of saying thank you for hanging out with The Debs!!!!

  2. Another student just tore through your book. She’s my brightest and best, reads everything she can get her hands on, including the worlds’s great works of lit.

    She asked, “Mr. Gutierrez, does she have other books? I want to read more of her work.”

    I told her you have another on the way.

    They love your work and they speak the truth.

  3. The storyline of Restoring Harmony rests on Molly’s shoulders, while the clear, compelling, adrenaline boosting energy of the novel rests in Molly’s heart and mind. LOVE her!

  4. All the cool kids read YA. 😉 Srsly, there are so many awesome YA books out there — I love YA! And I know I’m going to love RESTORING HARMONY. It sounds fantastic!

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