Deb Kerry Asks, “What the Heck is a Hobby?”

This week’s topic is hobbies, or “what do you do when you’re not writing?”

My initial reaction when I saw it was a blank and clueless stare, followed by the question, “Can Twitter be a hobby?” And then I literally clicked on over to Google to help me out. The first definition supplied by the All Knowing Google is this:

  1. An activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.
  2. A migratory Old World falcon (genus Falco) with long narrow wings, catching dragonflies and birds on the wing.

This was not helpful. Because my new response was “what the heck is leisure time?” And my second was “I don’t own a falcon.” So what now?


Falconry would be a fascinating hobby, if one had leisure time in which to pursue it, don’t you think? I love that bit where the birds come diving in and land on the leather glove, looking all fierce. Also – oooh  – have you seen the movie Lady Hawke?

Back to hobbies. I used to have hobbies, once upon a time and before I got serious about writing.

I did a little of this:

And a fair bit of this:


And also quite a lot of this:

I own a grand piano and used to play it a lot, and dreamed of someday taking lessons again. I studied languages, and had grand plans of brushing up my French, and taking on Spanish and German. But the reality is that trying to navigate family, work, and writing pretty much takes up all of the hours not spent in sleeping. And I’m good with that.

The one thing I still make time for in an over scheduled life is books. I read, as I write, in between all of the other things I am doing. None of the long lazy days where I used to polish off a whole book at once. Now it’s a chapter here and a chapter there, although I have been known on occasion to drop everything and let myself be lost in the story.

Have any of the rest of you given up leisure time and hobbies in the pursuit of some driving passion?

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  1. Oh, Ladyhawke, one of my favorite movies ever (except the score, which I always thought was ridiculous and doesn’t match the film at all).

    Leisure time. What a concept. I’ve started going to Zumba classes with a friend, but that feels like a physical necessity as I get older and my metabolism has ground to a halt. But yeah, between the full time job AND writing/marketing/worrying, I don’t have a lot of leisure time at all; I think if I had kids, I’d completely fall apart.

        1. Are you guys really all serious with the Zumba thing? It counts as a hobby? Because I could add it to a list of “things I MUST do for my health and well-being” but it certainly would never count as leisure. I know – I’ll take up Zumba watching. The rest of you debs can Zumba, and I’ll drink Cabernet while I watch you. : )

        1. You know, I wouldn’t call weight training or step class (or any other similarly masochistic activity) leisure, but Zumba is a FUN way to sweat, so yeah, I’ll call that leisure. But Kerry, if you were to watch me doing it, that would definitely be leisurely entertainment. I’m really not coordinated at all.

  2. It’s just a wonderful and magical movie for me. Loved it from the very first moment, although I do suppose you’re right about the score. I hardly think Zumba counts as leisure time – notice I’m not counting time spent at the gym! Yoga is different because I actually enjoy it.

      1. A parenting book! I’m super excited about it. I just need to keep plugging along. I would love to quit my day job which happens to be day, nights, and weekends. The debs will keep me motivated…of this I am CERTAIN!

  3. Sometimes I realize that I’m not doing anything except what I have to do, even if I enjoy it, I think it’s good to throw it all aside once in a while and mix it up.

  4. I totally hear you on wanting to take music lessons again or learn a new language (or brush up on an old one). But life keeps getting in the way. Sigh. One of these days!!

    1. Most of the “life getting in the way” thing lately has been all of the fun and excitement of the pub contract, so I’m willing to wait. : )

  5. Hobbies are great (if you can stick to them), I have a few, which I try and put in every week (that is between selling real estate and my favourte cooking).

    So Hobbies lets see, Monday day and Tuesday evening play maj, Thursday morning 10 pin bowl, Mall shopping as much as possible, reading, playing on my ipad, doing weddings, bar/bat mitzvah parties(oh yeh did I mention my full time job selling Real Estate and managing student houses).

    I would also like to go back to taking panio lessons and there is some wool in the closet that needs attending to ( well maybe someday when I get old and gray I can take up the rest of the hobbies that I have left behind).

    But the best is being able to read all of the Debs blogs and (being Joannes Mom Manager, like that new name J)so keep on writing those wonderful books. Have to get ready to go for maj.

    Have a great week.

    1. Deb Mom Marcia, you rock. I love your list of hobbies and am so impressed that you manage to balance the fun with the work and responsibility.

  6. I’m with you, Kerry. My hobby used to be reading voraciously, but it’s hard to squeeze in enough of that anymore to justify the “voracious.”

    And I love LadyHawke! Except, like Joanne, I think the score leaves a lot to be desired. I keep hoping somebody will redo it with music befitting the truly excellent movie it is.

  7. Hello Anonymous, I spend alot of time cooking for my children infact I do believe a very big cook fest will be here on Sunday and Monday (so you better get ready, it is time for your kitchen to be covered in carrots).

    Hi Erika,
    I miss you and Linda to, but yes I think the new 2013 Debs are fantastic also. We need to talk about dinner????????????

    Thanks Kerry, it took a long time but when you reach my age if you haven’t got it together than call me and I will be here to guide you all.

  8. I LOVE Ladyhawke. It’s also one of my husband’s favorites. And of course I love reading!!

    I’ve given up a lot of hobby time to write, actually. I used to have a much nicer garden – I’m going for more of a “jungle” effect now, and my baking tendencies are vastly reduced. I also gave up exercise. well, if you cam give up something you didn’t really do very well to begin with…. I love sports, but “exercise” for its own sake isn’t as high on my priority list as it should be!!

    Love your take on hobbies. This was a great way to start the week!

  9. When we talked about hobbies, long ago in my Deb year, I talked about what a failed hobbyist I am. I think I just get bored easily.

    But I would like something to do with my hands while I watch tv or a movie – do you have any leftover yarn? 🙂

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