Deb Kim Is UnListed

My husband would like to write this post for me. It would look something like this.

“If Kim tattooed a list onto her hand, she’d forget to look at it.”

I’m not a complete catastrophe of organization, but I’m close.  I always have several balls in the air – don’t we all? I am a happy Deb, I run Age of Autism, I have a very lonely wife-blog that may well have cobwebs on it today Kim Stagliano , there’ s FaceBook , Twitter, I write for Huffington Post and also the MSNBC TodayMoms blog. And I’m now writing for Autism File as a regular columnist starting this Fall.  I have a non-fic proposal I’m working on and fiction that really should be War and Peace by now, and yet resembles a Bob book at this point. Oh yes, I also have three children. With autism. Which may or may not complicate my life, I’m not sure. It’s all I know. I can imagine that shuttling typical kids around is no picnic in terms of organizing schedules.

I jot reminders. If you follow me on Twitter or have read my book All I Can Handle I’m No Mother Teresa you know I’m a Howard Stern fan. On Monday, the topic between Howard and his producer Gary Dell’Abate (Bababooey) was organization and lists. Howard is borderline OCD with organization – Gary carries a wad of sticky notes in his pocket. I’m  team Gary. I use the sticky note feature in Windows – when I log on to my computer I have a pink sheet that tells me what posts I need to prep for AofA.  My Outlook contains flagged messages with colors that tell me what’s kids, family, work, personal. Pink is kids. Wait. No. Pink is writing. Blue is kids. No. wait. Blue is AofA.  You see how well this works for me? Sigh……

5 Replies to “Deb Kim Is UnListed”

  1. This is HILARIOUS! I am utterly organized, and I don’t think it makes me any more productive than you are. It does, however, make me more productive than I would be otherwise.

    I think mine is necessary because my brain is a sieve. If it actually held onto ANYTHING, I wouldn’t have to write all of these lists.

  2. I despise lists. Decades of strict Catholic education left me with some fierce anti-authority issues and I cannot tolerate anyone telling me what to do. Not even myself writing little notes to myself. If something desperately needs to be done, my husband writes it down, along with the message: ‘This is not a list – it’s a Friendly Reminder.’

  3. And this is reason #582 why you are awesome. I think our organizational systems need revamping every once in a while, especially when new things get added. When I was teaching, I had my favorite to-do notepads that I loved, but when I moved into administration and wasn’t in one room all day, I needed a new system. And then I switched jobs yet again and needed another one.

    I love the tattoo analogy – makes me think of Memento!

  4. I STRIVE to be Team Howard, and really work better when I’m Team Howard, but I more often end up Team Gary. Nothing wrong with Team Gary (unless you ask the Stern crew — they could do the rundown), but I’m more effective when I channel my inner Stern.

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