Deb Kim on The Muse

This is Boston College goalie John MUSE. I’m a BC grad – class of ’85 with a certain cute footplayer/autism Dad named Doug Flutie. 

This is Paragon Park, in Hull, Mass, at Nantasket Beach. An aMUSEment park, long gone but home to decades of fun including several trips there in high school with friends. There was a Dr. Scholl’s sandal on the roof of the Merry-Go-Round that we could see from the Paratrooper ride every year.

These are fancy (and fishy) canapes/appetizers known to foodies as aMUSE bouche – French for please the mouth, barely appease the stomach and horrify the wallet.

What’s that? Not that kind of muse? Oh. Dear.

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  1. I love the Dr. Scholls sandal on the roof of the Merry-Go-Round. That’s a great writerly detail. See, you did get the right kind of muse after all!

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