8 Replies to “Deb Kim on Writing a Memoir and Family Response”

  1. Ha! I so needed this laugh this morning – thank you!

    One of the things I was really impressed with in your book was how forthright but respectful you were. I noticed that especially with your daughters – you guard their privacy, keeping the focus on how autism affects the family as a whole, or you and Mark. It was really admirable.

    (I won’t ask to see the cutting room floor!)

  2. Kim, I loved reading your book. I appreciate the honesty. I constantly remind professionals to walk a day in the parents’ shoes before judging. You allowed us to walk a few days. Thanks!

  3. Two things I love — Kim Stagliano and Barry Manilow!!!!

    You handled the book beautifully Kim, and you do the same when you speak publicly.

    Howard Stern would have a field day trying to get you to cross the line. Who do we call to work on that and get you in the studio???

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