Deb Rachel Says Goodbye. Or Lets The Movies Do It For Her.

After a year together, I guess great Debs think alike. Which is why two of my dance partners have already posted goodbye clips rather than try to say the farewell entirely on their own. Because, really, can anyone capture the turmoil of parting ways as perfectly as a good on-screen moment?


Just, no.

Farewells are filled with mixed emotions, and I’ve got them all.

There is, of course, straight sadness.

(Air Bud, Shmair Bud… If you are not crying at this, YOU ARE A ROBOT.)

There is also a sense of wonderment, mystery. The idea that anything can happen next. And you might even get to write about it.

There’s pride in what you’ve accomplished. Especially as a group. Dare I say… a club.

And, of course, there is always—always—the desire to sing. If you can’t say it perfectly, burst into song.

(I’m devastated the actual movie clip isn’t available, but just imagine Julie Andrews and you get the picture.)

It is with all those emotions that I say goodbye to The Debutante Ball and welcome the new class. There’s sadness, but also excitement for what is to come — not just for me, but for my fellow Debs as they move on to new projects, and for the new class as they take the reigns. And I’m so proud of what we 2012 Debs have brought to the ball and the legacy we will leave. And, finally, I want to sing. Because, well, there is nothing that isn’t best handled with a musical number.

And with that, I raise a glass to the future of The Deb Ball. May we still be at it, 19 years later.

10 Replies to “Deb Rachel Says Goodbye. Or Lets The Movies Do It For Her.”

  1. Rachel, that is SO not playing fair, Deb sister! The clip of Thomas J’s funeral? At eight in the morning? My day’s shot. Just think of that opening scene in Romancing the Stone where Kathleen Turner is crying so much she runs out of Klennex and resorts to blowing her nose on a Post-It. Um, yeah. That would be me.

    It’s been such a special year and while no one likes goodbyes, it’s pretty cool to know we’re more like saying Good Night, than Good Bye because, as Deb Meredith said, once a Deb, always a Deb–and to know we’ll always have that connection is very, very awesome.

    It’s been great sharing the journey with you and MWF SEEKING BFF, Rachel! (Now excuse me–I’m off to find more Post-Its! 😉 )

    1. You’re right Erika. Thomas J’s funeral is the big guns. What can I say? I’m THAT sad! Luckily I won’t have to miss you too much bceause I can always harass you on gchat! Did I say harass? I meant, um, visit.

  2. Oh, my gosh! How am I supposed to get through this whole week with clips like that to remind me how SAD leaving is?!

    Huh. That’s it. I think we should all just stay. I’m sure the new Debs won’t mind tripping over us. 😉

    No? Oh, all right. I guess we need to leave them the dance floor. But we’ll always have our memories! And you’re only ever as far away as my bookcase. 🙂

    1. But just watch the other clips, and you can remember that leaving is also exciting sometimes! And can feel so accomplished!

      “You’re only ever as far away as my bookcase.” I LOVE THIS. SO perfectly put Linda!!

  3. You are going to make me cry and I haven’t even started blogging here yet! I’ll miss reading all of your posts – this has been a daily stop for me even though I mostly lurked. It’s not quite real that we’ll be taking the reins next week.

    I promise to do my best to keep the bar high – and I hope you promise to come back and visit OFTEN!

  4. Oh, the Breakfast Club. I could watch that over and over.

    But on to why we’re really here; to pass along the torch and wave goodbye. Like high school (for most) it does have to end and let the new classes in so they can learn and move on, too. Thanks for teaching us about friends this year, Rachel!

  5. Deb Rachel, I want to be a great non-fiction writer like you. Thanks for showing me how to do it. Loved your book, love your blog. Keep up the good work……waiting for your next book…….

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