Deb Sarah’s Debut Day!

Manicure, CHECK (thanks for that tip, everyone – my nails are growing!)

New outfit that isn’t stained by baby spit up, apple juice that sloshed over the top of the cup, or Starbucks coffee that I spit all over my shirt because I was so desperately in need of caffeine that I sipped it before letting it cool – CHECK!

High heeled, open toed shoes – CHECK! (Also pedicure in a shade called “Starter Wife,” which totally cracks me up)

Stress zit on my chin – CHECK! (Noooooo…. why me? Must rush to store for cover up)

I’m ready for Debut Day. I’ve been waiting so long for this moment – maybe every author feels that way – and I can hardly believe it’s here. Tonight I’ll walk into the Barnes & Noble in Bethesda, past the window where my face is featured on a poster advertising my reading, and talk to an audience about The Opposite of Me. I’ll remember what it felt like to sit upstairs at the cafe, hunched over my laptop and doubting myself, and how I’d  look around at all the shelves filled with books and tell myself that if all of those authors could do it, that maybe, just maybe, I could too.

These past few weeks have been incredible, and thanks to Jennifer Weiner, my book is off to a terrific start. I’m excited and nervous and thrilled and ecstatic, all rolled into one. Thank you all for coming along with me for the ride. I value and appreciate the friendships I’ve found through this blog – from the Graduate Debs to bloggers to readers and fellow authors — and feel as though you’re all with me in spirit today. I’m raising my chocolate martini to you all tonight!

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  1. Take a little time to let it sink in– really. Before you read– before you talk- just look at the people gathered before you and pause– try to be there just for a moment before it takes off. Because it will!

  2. Good advice, Robin. I remember someone telling me that on my wedding day, too. I’ll remember that tonight.
    Many thanks for the good wishes, everyone!

  3. Oh, Sarah, Here’s a tip I got from Cynthia Lord. I don’t know about you, but I cannot write down a word that someone spells for me and neither can Cynthia. So she bought a little notebook and before she signs each book, she has the person print their name (or who the book is to) in the notebook so she can look at it in black and white before she writes it herself. It keeps her from spoiling books with misspelled names. I already have my notebook on hand! And you end up with the autograph of everyone you’ve ever signed a book for too!

  4. Special autograph signing pen that you spent hours in the pen aisle of Staples picking out? Check?

    Oh it is a MAGICAL day. Enjoy every second of it!!!!! Congratulations. You’ve made it!

  5. Congratulations Sarah. Enjoy your day! It’s kind of like your birthday, anniversary, and being crowned Prom Queen all in one. Have the best time!

  6. Oh man, what a day, everyone! My poor oldest son had an awful stomach virus and spent the day throwing up while I fed him crackers and Sprite. I developed two huge stress zits (not just one, after all!) and bought out Cover Girl to conceal them.
    but the reading was so much fun. I was nervous at first, but knew most of the people in the crowd. Everyone was so kind and sending me such good vibes that it trumped my anxiety about public speaking. I had a blast! Then we all went to get chocolate martinis and I saw old friends from high school and new friends from Facebook… My feet were sore from wearing heels (I never wear heels!) but I couldn’t stop smiling. It was really amazing.
    Thanks everyone! xxoo

  7. Stopped at my local B&N to get. Was on the coveted front table under “what’s new”. Already very into it… cut into my should be asleep time…huge congrats!

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