Deb Sarah’s Most Embarrassing Writing Blooper…Ever

I write 5-7 blog posts per day, 5 days per week, for, where I’m the health and fitness blogger–a job I’ve loved for almost 3 years now! That totals up to a lot of words and, um, a lot of typos. Blogging is a bit more fast and furious than the article-writing I do for magazines, where you have the luxury of fact checkers, a zillion editors, copy editors, you name it. But, as bloggers know well, you do your best to get the spelling/grammar right, and you get the post up! As a result, well, sometimes accidents happen.

Take the time my editor at Glamour emailed me—fortunately with a bunch of smiley faces and good humor—to say that in a post where I’d mentioned the film “Legally Blond,” I’d somehow managed to call it … wait for this … “Legally Boned.”

Turns out, there’s actually a porn film by this name (my cheeks still burn red with embarrassment at the thought of this)—oops! But, the mistake was quickly fixed, and I think it actually got readers to laugh a little (always a healthy thing!). And on the Richter Scale of writing mistakes, it sure beats the time I wrote a feature about a legendary Northwest restaurant family for a regional magazine many years ago, and the story went to press with a mega mistake: I’d gotten one of the son’s names wrong. And not only was it wrong, it was out-in-left-field wrong—like Calvin instead of Dexter (the names didn’t even remotely sound the same. Um, Sarah?!) I still cringe.

I’d love to hear about your typos, grammar oops’, and other bloopers!

xo, Sarah

P.S. What’s worse than a writing “oops”? How about a voice mail oops! Or an email oops! True story: I once—accidentally sent my ex-boyfriend in college a flirty email meant for my new boyfriend by mistake. A very Freudian flub. I was mortified!

14 Replies to “Deb Sarah’s Most Embarrassing Writing Blooper…Ever”

  1. Ha ha! Hay, I have a brother in law named John Stagliano. If you’re really brave and OVER 18 and neither your children NOR your partner are around Google that name…. At least your embarrassment isn’t for a lifetime! KIM

  2. I think smartphones have made embarrassing typos a way of life for all of us. I don’t tend to make ridiculous mistakes, but as someone who makes a living as a writer, I do find the number of errors in the emails I send from my phone humbling. I just have to look and say, “Oh well!”

    1. My sig line says “Typos by Droid.” Small consolation. FireFox corrects everywhere which is great – even on FaceBook. I just move too fast, type too fast, am always in hurry up mode- it’s neither healthy nor typographically expedient.

  3. I used to write marketing proposals for a company with a Public Sector division and I’m sure you can imagine the typo of “public” that wouldn’t be caught by spell-check… and it’s a sector you could be legally boned in. Very, very embarrassing. We always checked for it, but every once in a while, one snuck through.

  4. The email is BRILLIANTLY horrifying! Did you say the new bf’s name, or did the old bf think you were trying to get back with him???

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