Deb Susan’s Crazy Ninja Dream Come True

Claws of the Cat Partial coverWhen I first started writing, I focused on historical fiction. I’ve always loved history, and Asia, and writing about those things seemed natural. It also seemed slightly crazy, considering that as a reader I gravitate toward mysteries, thrillers, and narrative nonfiction – but I didn’t think I had it in me to orchestrate a plot as complex as mysteries required.

Writing a mystery? That was my dream, but it seemed beyond my reach.

Six years and four completed manuscripts later, I was ambushed by the very idea that seemed so unthinkable all those years before. A mystery … with a ninja detective who solves crimes instead of committing them. The concept still seemed strange (and also difficult) – so much so that I resisted trying to write it. I had the idea in March of 2011, but it took me until July to put the first words on the page.

By September, the novel was finished – and had gone through five full drafts.

Talk about crazy dreams.Claws of the Cat Cover (50)

Nothing about the process followed my usual patterns. I had a new genre, a series (something I’d wanted but didn’t think I could possibly write), and a manuscript finished and polished in record time. As it happened, the #1 agent on my list was attending the conference where I was speaking that September – another coincidence almost too crazy to believe.

And yet, the crazy dream continued.

That manuscript – originally titled SHINOBI, now CLAWS OF THE CAT – will release in hardback almost exactly two years to the day from the date I finished the original draft.

Crazy? You betcha. But sometimes the craziest dreams are the ones that come true.

What’s the craziest dream you’ve ever had? Did it come true yet or are you still waiting?

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    1. So true – both this and Kerry’s response. Sometimes it’s hard to try, and harder to KEEP trying when it’s hard, but looking from this side of the looking-glass it was all worth the effort!

  1. I’m lucky in that a lot of my crazy dreams have come true — becoming an on-air reporter, becoming a published author. But none of those dreams became realities without a lot of hard work. I think too many people think their dreams will — poof! — magically come true without any grunt work. Dreams do come true, but you often have to work for them!

    1. So true. Almost all dreams require lots of hard work (and sacrifices) – but in the end, the victories are so much more valuable for the effort!

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