Deb Susan’s Fiery Inspiration

Given the plummeting nighttime temperatures in Sacramento, winter has (finally) decided to join us. And since my calendar reads November, I have access to two of my favorite evening inspirations: Fires and Gingerbread Lattes.

I love curling up by a crackling fire with a book, my computer, or even just a blanket and a dream.  Fire lights my imagination every time. As a child, I loved to read by the fireplace – with periodic breaks to watch the dancing flames. When I moved to Sacramento, I loved that our house had a real, working fireplace – and the fact that the previous owner (a master mason) built the hearth and chimney himself makes this beloved feature even more unique.

Tonight my laptop sits by that fireplace, along with my other favorite winter treat – a gingerbread latte.

The combination of wood smoke and steaming, cinnamon-scented sweetness inspires thoughts of winter, snow and happy, cozy warmth. It slows me down and reminds me that despite my day-to-day worries, I am fortunate indeed.

  The blazing fire inspires me to enjoy the moment: to stop, to sit, to dream.

I sip my coffee and stroke the cat that joins me by the fire. When the flames die down my son will arrive, marshmallows in hand, to make s’mores and laugh as the embers die.

I spend most days in a frantic pace, two steps behind and struggling to keep my head above the waves. Do more, do faster, do perfectly – the pressures seldom cease.

In an evening fire and a gingerbread drink, I find an inspiration to step away from the world that drives me ever faster toward my goals  … and into a peaceful, glowing place of silence, joy and light.

  What inspires you to leave your cares behind you? Do you read by the fire? In the tub?

Share your inspired getaway in the comments! (And while you’re at it – let me know where you stand on gingerbread lattes!)

9 Replies to “Deb Susan’s Fiery Inspiration”

  1. Reading by the fire, hot beverage in hand, is my absolute favorite! I haven’t tried a gingerbread latte yet, but it sounds like something I’d like.

    1. The gingerbread latte is the finest beverage in existence. Bar none. I like to get mine with only half the usual syrup (3 pumps in a venti instead of 5) because I like it slightly less sweet but it’s good at full strength too. Best part – it’s not JUST at Starbucks – you can get them almost anywhere this time of year.

      I actually make gingerbread coffee at home, too, by adding nutmeg and pumpkin pie spice (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, etc) to the grounds before brewing. It’s not a gingerbread latte but it’s still awesome!

  2. I just say no to the lattes in general. Give me my Americano, unflavored, with a bit of cream and I am a happy girl. As for the fire, I’m totally with you on that one. I love your reminder here to slow down a little and just be. As for reading – I read anywhere and everywhere, but the ultimate luxury is reading a book in a scalding hot bath. Ahhhh.

    1. I have many “fluffy” books that have survived a dunking in the bathtub….much love for bubble bath and reading time.

      I’m a big fan of “drink what tastes good to you” – so here’s a cheers to your Americano and my gingerbread latte (more gingerbread syrup for me! Woohoo!).

      PS: what does the Random Penguin drink – I saw him with that filter cup this morning.

  3. On some Saturday and all Sunday mornings, I get up to take care of the dogs, and get back into bed with a book. Lights off except the book light. Coffee in hand. I shoo the dogs, I pretend there is no one to see and no where to go. I often read a book or two this way over a weekend, because I’m awake early and can get 3 or more hours of reading in before anyone is awake! For some reason on those mornings I allow myself to not do.

    1. That sounds fantastic! What a great way to spend a weekend morning. I think “allowing yourself to not do” is a wonderful way to get some mental space and recharge the batteries. I might have to try that myself!

  4. I love reading in bed. I tried doing it before going to sleep but I find myself much more productive in the mornings. So, on Saturdays (the boyfriend works on Saturdays and I don’t) I will get up, make coffee and take a shower. By the time I’m done I have a warm mug with some milk and I curl back in bed with just the light of my tiny window to read. It’s the true blue highlight of my weekend.

    1. Sounds like a wonderful way to wake up and spend the morning…or the day! Those quiet morning are so nice and peaceful, and I can’t imagine any better way to spend one than with a good book! Thanks for sharing your special time!

  5. Fires and gingerbread lattes — YES AND YES! I should probably get the fireplace in our house inspected before I try this combination (haven’t used it since we moved in over the summer), but this sounds like an *inspired* idea.

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