Deb Tawna interviews…uh, Deb Tawna

We’re introducing ourselves this week, and what better way to do that than with the aid of a skilled journalistic interviewer?

Unfortunately, I don’t know any.

But I do know myself, and worked as a reporter back before I lost my lust for long hours and lousy pay.

Behold, I give you my interview with…well, me.

Tawna: Tell me a bit about yourself.

Tawna: I was born in a space shuttle on Uranus—

Tawna: Don’t start with the anus jokes, this is a family-friendly blog. Besides, you can’t just make stuff up.

Tawna: I can’t tell dirty jokes and I can’t make stuff up? You just negated my whole writing career.

Tawna: (heavy sigh) which is what?

Tawna: Funny smut – also known as romantic comedy. My debut is called MAKING WAVES, and it’s a sort of modern parody on the pirate romance cliché. Sourcebooks is releasing it next August as the first in a trio of romantic comedies centered around the notion that normal is nice, but weird is wonderful. It’s kind of my motto.

Tawna: Why doesn’t that surprise me? Let’s talk about something more appropriate. Tell me about your likes and dislikes.

Tawna: (holds up glass) I like good wine, world travel, hiking, biking, kayaking, yoga – pretty much any athletic pursuit that doesn’t involve jostling. I dislike being jostled. I also dislike shopping carts, mushrooms, morning breath, and men who can’t drive a stick shift.

Tawna: Men? Is there a man in your life?

Tawna: Oh yes – my husband, Pythagoras. I married him at halftime at a Portland Trail Blazer game 12 years ago. We said “I do” in front of 21,000 screaming fans who did not bring gifts.

Tawna: Wow, so you must’ve been engaged a long time?

Tawna: Totally! They called a week before the wedding and told me we’d been picked, so I turned to Pythagoras and said, “We just won a wedding, want to get married?” He said “To you? Sure, I guess,” and we were engaged! It was very romantic.

Tawna: I see. And you write…uh, romance?

Tawna: Yes.

Tawna: This could be a problem.

Tawna: (smiling) Want a drink?


So I think that went well, how about you? Hey – where did you all go? Hello? Anyone?

In all seriousness (right, like that’s my thing) I welcome you to this new season of the Debutante Ball. I’m thrilled to be a part of this amazing community and to rub shoulders with writers who are infinitely cooler than I am.

Did I miss any questions? Something I forgot to ask myself that you wanted to know? Leave them in the comments with a good bottle of Sangiovese. I’ll be more inclined to answer that way.

47 Replies to “Deb Tawna interviews…uh, Deb Tawna”

  1. As my daughter will be the first to tell you, “Uranus is a big ball of gas.”

    So happy to be Debbing with you… and with you. I am all kinds of ready to grab your book of funny smut, an inappropriately large bottle of wine, and laugh my ARRRRRse off!

    (Heavy pirate accent. ARRRRse. Good stuff.)

  2. ROFL at the image of you as an uptight librarian/secretary/reporter — whatever incarnation you are in that pencil skirt and hair bun!

    Abby and Michelle are right! Now I can say TFIDDTF! (That’s Thank Goodness It’s Double-Dose-Tawna Friday!)

  3. Wow! It’s wonderful to see so many regulars from my normal blog, as well as so many new faces. Thank you for making me feel so welcome! You guys rock!


  4. Discovered your excellent blog off a link from Janet Reid’s blog (and then again through the RCRW loop). I got taste of what I’m in for when your book comes out … delicious fun! Can’t wait. I’m not a wine drinker, but as a fellow Oregonian, I humbly leave you a virtual bottle of Ninkasi.

  5. Okay, loving wine and smut is great, but what woman of sense DOESN’T love wine and smut? Disliking mushrooms, now — THAT is genius. From one fungi-phobe to another, salut! Can’t wait to read more.

  6. Hi Tawna,
    Congratulations on your debut book! I like a fun romantic comedy and especially one with a pirate in it. Looking forward to reading it.

  7. I was howling with laughter right from the start because of that photo. Hey, hold on. Is that your ‘naughty librarian’ outfit?? BTW… wine-loving Tawna’s bottle look suspiciously empty in that picture… 😉

  8. Loving your writing, you give an unpub’ed, wishful, hopeful writer a heartfluttering glimpse at the dreamful potintial one can reach. I am amazed at your talent and intrigued, and you still have your whole career ahead of you. Wow. From a RCRW friend.

  9. The librarian has definite potential if she hangs out with funny smut woman. 🙂 LOVE the pic and the interview. I must admit this is my first introduction to you and your writing. Now I HAVE to buy your book. Great job and I hope you sell millions.

  10. Wonderful interview, Tawna. I do believe that interviewer was wayyy too tough on you. You ought to send her smutty books. Then it’s a win-win, right? I mean, all the books added to your library, after all. 🙂

    I can’t wait for your book! I do b’lieve you’d be tons of fun to hang out with.

  11. Tawna, I’m just catching up from being away on vacation and seeing this post now–laughing my head off! Love, love, love the Tawna interviewed by Tawna. You crack me up, my dear. Thanks for the smiles! xoxo

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