Deb Tawna thanks Deb Sarah for taking her on vacation

When our new class of Debs started getting to know each other last summer, one of the first things I learned about Sarah Jio is that she’s from the Pacific Northwest.

I’m a third generation Oregonian, so I was delighted to have someone else who knows the secret Pacific Northwest handshake (though Sarah seemed taken aback by the butt-pat. Do they not do that part in Seattle?)

I wondered at the time whether the Pacific Northwest setting might play in Sarah’s novel and whether I could count on seeing some familiar landscapes in THE VIOLETS OF MARCH. Not only did I see them, but heard them, felt them, smelled them, and tasted them.

The setting in this novel is so vivid, so sensuous, that it’s like a character all its own. While the romance and mystery elements of the story were brilliantly woven and the characters were lovely and complex, it was the setting that truly won my heart.

Even if you aren’t a Pacific Northwest native, Sarah does such an amazing job capturing the gorgeous nuances of the region that you’ll feel yourself transported to Bainbridge Island. You’ll see the rows of wine bottles lined up in the quaint grocery store. You’ll smell the salty sea air. You’ll hear the gulls squawking. You’ll taste every morsel of every delicious meal. You’ll feel the sand between your toes and the soft texture of the red velvet diary between your fingers.

Have you ever read a story that so perfectly captured a setting you felt like you were there? Whether you have or haven’t, I highly recommend THE VIOLETS OF MARCH to give you that experience.

Consider it the least expensive – and most gratifying – vacation you’ll ever have.

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