Deb Tom Is Thankful for Distractions

 Gobble. GobbleGobbleGobbleGobble …

Wait. English. Yes.

Welcome to Thanksgiving Day at the Debutante Ball! The debutantes are all spending today with their families (and hopefully none of mine), so I – DEB TOM – agreed to fill in at the Ball today. (I might have stolen Deb Susan’s password without her knowing, but we’ll just make that our little secret, shall we?)

Those of you in the United States are spending today with family, or on vacation, celebrating the things that make you grateful. Grateful is good. Do you know what else is good? NOT EATING ME.

Oops – did I say that out loud?

What I meant was: beautiful coastal vacation settings, like the one on the cover of Kelly Harms’ upcoming novel, THE GOOD LUCK GIRLS OF SHIPWRECK LANE.

Take a look:

Wouldn’t you love to spend your Thanksgiving there? (eating crabs, or lobsters, or anything without feathers)

Taking walks on the beach? Watching waves roll in and pound the base of those lovely cliffs.

Of course you would!


At Thanksgiving, people’s hearts turn to friendship, family, and togetherness.

It’s a holiday best spent in the company of people you hold dear.

  A time for talk and perhaps a cup of tea.

Tea – like the kind you’d pour into the lovely cups on the cover of Amy Sue Nathan’s THE GLASS WIVES.

Don’t you just want to fill those cups for a pleasant Thanksgiving chat with your closest friend?

And what goes best with tea?


Or possibly pie. (Mmmm…pie….)

But not me. I’m stringy and tasteless. You wouldn’t like me at all.



Thanksgiving is also the start of the holiday season – a glittering time when anything and everything seems more possible than it does the rest of the year. Flickering candles, flying reindeer, and sparkling snow globes featuring all kinds of fantastic winter scenes.

Unless your taste in crystals runs more to dragons – in which case you might prefer the little dragon on Kerry Schafer’s BETWEEN.

See? A dragon! In a crystal ball!

(Much nicer than a turkey, don’t you think?)

There’s also a penguin in this book. A penguin.

Surely that satisfies your need for a cute-bird fix today.

You’re still thinking of dinner, aren’t you?

  An excellent feast doesn’t have to include me, you know.

I can prove it!

Look at the delightful cover for Dana Bate’s THE GIRL’S GUIDE TO LOVE AND SUPPER CLUBS.

Look at that Cupcake! Wouldn’t you rather have that mouth-watering delicacy than some dry old rubbery turkey leg? Of course you would.

This novel even has recipes for turkey NOT TURKEY. Recipes yes, but none for turkeys. Trust me.

Deb Tom would never steer you wrong.



I can see this plan isn’t working. I’ll have to try something else.

I know!

I’ll become a TURKEY NINJA!

A turkey ninja with dagger-sharp claws like the ones on the cover of Susan Spann’s CLAWS OF THE CAT!

I’ll disappear when you’re not looking!

I’ll turn to smoke. You’ll never, ever find me!





Wait a minute. Today’s Thanksgiving. It’s Thanksgiving, and I’m still here! It’s over. I made it!

All those things I was saying? Well … nevermind.

Can I have some pie?



How did you celebrate today? Please join us in the comments and let us know!


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  1. Oh, it’s so exciting to see all your covers together! Huzzah!

    I will by celebrating in the traditional way: watching the Macy’s Parade and hoping Justin Bieber makes an appearance. Hope your day is just as thrilling!

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