First book, first kid by Deb Jennifer

Although it’s not the most original analogy in the world, I’ve been thinking about how publishing a book is like having a kid.  All the anxiety beforehand, all the planning and preparation and daydreaming and wondering what it will really be like.   You stock up on diapers and cute little outfits, read all the books about feeding and sleeping.  You make lists of all the things to do to get the word out about your book and do your best to work down it.  Then the baby is born, or the book is published – and there it is!   It’s really happening!  It’s nothing like you thought!  (In the case of the baby, it is way harder than you ever dreamt.  With the book, it is actually easier and nicer – phew.)  But either way, you start to catalog the firsts.  First poop; first time you see the book in an actual book store.  First smile; first email from stranger saying they really liked it.  First head-lifting; first published review.   First word-like gurgle; first reading and signing.  And so on. 

My daughter is almost three now, and the firsts just keep coming.  Some joyous: first time on the big girl swing.  Some mortifying: first actual screaming-throwing-oneself-upon-the-floor tantrum in a public place due to not being allowed to buy a coveted toy.  Promise Not to Tell is almost one month old and although the depth and variety isn’t there (I just don’t see my book ever telling me, unbidden, that it loves me), there are more and more firsts.   This past week, it was first time on an official bestseller list.   And our family celebrated this occasion with another first: Zella’s first hot fudge sundae. 


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  1. First, congrats on the first (of what I’m sure will be many more!) bestseller list! That’s such a thrilling feeling. And I love the analogy of book to birth. I remember when I was first sending my manuscript out to agents, and as I’d give the package to the guy in the post office it brought back those same feelings I’d had when I took my older son to his first day of kindergarten–I know he’s/it’s not perfect but I love him/it more than you can possibly imagine so please be kind.

  2. Congratulations on your success with Promise Not to Tell, Jennifer! This is wonderful. My copy is currently sitting on my TBR pile, and I’ve promised myself that as soon as I deliver this manuscript to my editor (long overdue now), I’ll snatch it up, along with Catching Genius and Town House and Good Things, and settle in for some good summer reading.
    Here’s to many more wonderful first for you. 🙂

  3. I think there are few people I would rather have a hot fudge sundea with than Zella. As much as I love your new “baby” (and I DO!), it just can’t handle a plastic electric guitar like your daughter. Who am I kidding? NO ONE can!

  4. Here’s to Zella having an ice cream treat every week your “little book” is on that list! Congratulations, Jennifer….I’m thrilled, but not at all surprised.

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