For Deb Kerry, There Is No Home Improvement Needed

I’m supposed to write a post about home improvement. But you know what? It’s hot and sticky and I don’t own an air conditioner. What would improve my home at the moment would be a pool. Or maybe just a pitcher of margaritas.

We don’t live fancy here. Deb Kelly’s soon-to-be-released (and totally fun and awesome) novel, The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lane, features a gorgeous house with this totally amazing kitchen. There’s all of this counter space and special cupboards and fancy fridges. This house is like a whole different world for me. My kitchen? Well, I’ve got book cases on top of my already limited counter space to serve as cupboards. My fridge and stove came from Sears and they aren’t particularly Fancy Dan. But they function just fine for keeping food cold or warming it up, and that makes me happy. Really special food gets made by the Viking on the Weber BBQ anyway.

Sure, there are times when I’d like to have a sleek, aerodynamic kitchen. But let’s face it – I’d rather have a cook and a maid. What good is a Martha Stewart House when you’re the sort of woman who prefers to a)have her nose in a book b)have her head in a story she’s writing or c) be outside and d) let somebody else do the cooking?

Here’s the real reason why we bought our little house: location, location, location. There’s this:

IMG_0102And this:


And even a little of this:


And I wouldn’t trade any of those trees for any luxury house you could offer me. Well, unless maybe that house could just sort of drift down out of the sky and settle right on this spot without affecting any of my views at all. Even then, I’m not so sure.

What’s your favorite view from your front (or back) porch?

5 Replies to “For Deb Kerry, There Is No Home Improvement Needed”

  1. I’m with Susan, those woods are killer.

    My view out the front window is our friendly neighborhood, strollers, dogs, neighbors. And then, the other six months, SNOW.

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