Fun stuff for my Wikipedia page, by Deb Katie

(Just kidding! I don’t have a Wikipedia page… yet. Maybe I’ll rate one someday. Just not yet.)

I’m an incurable homebody. As such, my guilty pleasures are often the things that a lot of people would regard as a punishment—staying home on a weekend. Hanging out all day in the sewing room.

But I do have some true guilty pleasures, which I will list for you, for reasons that will soon become obvious:

(1) Making lists. (Har har!)

(2) Eating leftovers. At restaurants, I’ll stop eating my entrée when I’m halfway done, just so I can take it home and scarf down the rest of it at midnight.

(3) Panda Express. For those of you unfamiliar with Panda Express, it’s a fast-food Chinese place that gave my articifial food-sensitive boss a two-day food hangover. But for me, it’s heaven, breaded and served with a sweet orange sauce. In June 2007, I learned that it’s especially tasty when eaten at 11 A.M. (hey, that’s what time jurors get to go to lunch!).

(4) Writing long letters with extra-fine Sharpies, even though you’re not supposed to.

(5) Listening to Jane Austen books on audiobook. Also, watching Jane Austen movies. And reading Jane Austen books on paper.

(6) Napping with Winston on a lazy day. For all his craziness, I will say this: the dog is smart enough to appreciate a good nap.

(7) Going to the fabric store and wandering for up to two hours. And then rewarding myself for buying such great fabric by buying Mentos and a Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi at the drugstore next door.

(8) For Richer or Poorer, starring Tim Allen and Kirstie Alley. The Three Amigos. A disturbing quantity of David Spade, Adam Sandler, and Chris Farley movies.

(9) Reality TV—especially Biggest Loser, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, and Ruby.

(10) Wearing my cat socks every year on the second night of the National Championship dog show. It’s my little way of asserting the fact that once upon a time, I was a cat person. Although I forgot this year, for the first time in five years.

And finally, and this is the one I hope everyone gets to indulge in a little…

(11) For the most part, liking myself. Spending time with myself. Accepting myself. Daydreaming. Reading. Taking care of myself. Not being too hard on myself if the scale goes up a pound or two, but being a good enough steward of my body that I continue to make an effort to get the exercise and nutrition to keep myself healthy.

So, have I scandalized you? Helped you to feel that you’re not alone in the world? Trust me, my list is nothing. You should hear Winston’s guilty pleasures.

~ Deb Katie Alender

14 Replies to “Fun stuff for my Wikipedia page, by Deb Katie”

  1. You still write letters? Bless your heart! That’s wonderful. More of us should write real letters. How exciting is that, to open up your mailbox and see real mail that’s not a bill or a piece of junk?

    I love Mentos, but I prefer Cherry Coke Zero. Also, I love So You Think You Can Dance!

  2. So it’s YOU that’s walking through all my open houses here in Toronto. Glad to put names to the faces. Blacklisted!!!! (Kidding of course, I’d love to see any or all of you at an open house of mine.)

  3. Katie, there’s a local TV show, Gallery of Homes, on every Sunday morning that walks you through the very best available homes in the area. You don’t even have to leave your house!

    Also, last week TODAY did a segment on “How to Celebrate Boredom.” In other words it was what to do with your free time…um, now individuals need to be taught that???

  4. I love fabric stores, too. I love to imagine all the cool stuff that could be made with the crazy prints. And I love a good nap with my cats, too.

  5. What no prized this week…fey.
    Doesn’t Ruby’s voice drive you up the wall…and what does she do for money…and gee her friends are great…but she is rather pretty…and she is doing it.

    Other guilty pleasures…geeze, sleeping late, then taking a nap. Watching TV all night. But as I get older, I am not so guilty…or so I think. Living out of the dryer…not doing another load until dryer empty. (can get away with that when you live alone)

    All Chinese food buffets taste better at 11 am. After that it is down hill.

    I have tons of wonderful pieces of fabrics…and a sewing machine…rarely put the two together. But did make a new look for my bedroom recently. Still have tons of fabrics. Have you ever checked fabrics on line?

    Oh, Tiffany, thanks for the wonderful read, now I am reading Amy Tan.

  6. – Watching anything with Ricky Gervais in it.
    – Listening to anything with Ricky Gervais on it (Podcasts).
    – Yes, I’m an American Idolaholic too.
    – Cereal at night.
    – Debutante Ball of course! 😀

  7. About once a month, I’ll let the kids get something at the drive-thru McD…. I don’t even want to type the name of that awful place! And I do LOVE their Sweet Ice Tea!!!! I’ve even been known to eat a grilled chicken sandwich there. But not often.

  8. FINALLY! Another Ricky Gervais fan. I was beginning to worry. I looooove the original Office. And I can’t stop re-watching The Extras too. Awkward-uncomfortably-hilarious.

  9. That #12 tells me you’ve got your head screwed on just right:0) It’s a wonderful piece of advice that many people could benefit from not just applying it to themselves, but by applying it to others.

    Napping with Winston on a lazy day can stabilize anybody’s blood pressure. And, yes, I too love indulging in Panda Express leftovers at any time of the day

    I have got to stop buying drafting materials [mechanical pencils, leadholders, leads, (geek stuff)]. My latest purchase over the weekend (I hope) should be my last for this semester.

  10. Aw, man! I was stuck in a voice-over session all day and missed all the fun.

    Kristina, I do still write letters… not as many as I used to. It’s harder to find people to write to. I try to bribe my younger family members by randomly sending them money, but even that doesn’t work. Back in the days before email, I had lots of correspondences. You’re right, there’s nothing better than coming home to a letter in the mailbox!

    Eileen, that seems like a post for a future day. Here’s a sneak preview–humping blankets. 😉

    Michael, thanks for visiting and commenting! OMG, can realtors really blacklist open house attendees? What if they are always polite and complimentary and don’t eat the cookies?

    Larramie, that sounds like heaven. And yeah, I could teach those folks at TODAY a thing or two about frittering away time. Though lately I don’t have any to fritter (pity party!).

    Meredith, yes! Remember, babies will wear anything. Buy those cool prints while they’re still on the market! Hee hee.

    Eve’s Mom, no, I’m a fan of Southern accents, so I love Ruby’s voice. And as a producer I appreciate her for being the amazing soundbite machine she is. Seriously, the most brilliant stroke of casting EVER! And living out of the dryer sounds great. I’ve often dreamed of ditching the closet and dresser and just keeping all the clean clothes in a giant bin. As for buying fabrics online, yes, it is one of my many many many vices!

    Jason x2, I’m a Ricky Gervais fan, but I’m afraid I prefer the US “Office”. His standup special was hilarious, though. And hurray for fellow American Idol fans! (And Debutante Ball fans! I was a big fan for its first two years… still am, but now it’s selfish.)

    Eve, that reminds me of my Academy Awards guilty pleasure… McDonald’s and champagne! I look forward to that more than I look forward to the awards (or seeing any of the movies).

    Kristina, very true. Now to expand the definition of “clever” to include “American Idol.”

    Thanks, Tom. Dogs in general are good for bringing down the old blood pressure… I hope Toby’s not so chew-happy that your pulse is racing. I can’t wait to hear more about how he’s doing. And come on, anything you buy for school can’t count as a guilty pleasure! (See how good I am at rationalizing?)

    Thanks a ton for all the comments, everybody… this topic is hilarious.

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