Go Ahead and Jump on my Head–I’m Lucky! by Deb Danielle Younge-Ullman

Tuesday of this week, if you’d caught me any time between 7am and 9pm, I might have wailed in self-pity. I’d started my week well and was gearing up to accomplish Many Important Things on Tuesday but instead was felled by a migraine.

Bad luck.

But here’s the thing:

Michael (who gets the week off from being called The Oppressor on account of his lovely behavior and the fact that Friday is his birthday) ran up and down the stairs bringing me ice packs and water and toast and coffee which I didn’t want but had to have in case withdrawal made the headache worse. He fed and watered the pooch, got the little one up, dressed, fed and out the door all the while attempting to sell a house, waiting to hear about a call-back and working on our taxes (no time for Oppression.) All of this and he was sympathetic too.

In addition, Finny hardly barked at all and spent the day curled up at my side in a way that let me know he was feeling my pain. He didn’t even growl much when jostled by my rolling over, which is high tolerance from our Very Particular Pooch.

And Little T thought it was great fun that I was moaning and groaning and hiding under the covers. (Mommy, are you crying? Are you laughing Mommy? Mommy are you hiding, Mommy? Where is Mommy? Daddy, Mommy is very, very funny!) She climbed in with me to play “sleep” and gave me some cuddles and was generally quite sweet except for the moment when she sat on my head and then proceeded to jump up and down on it…and even then, she meant it in the best possible spirit.

And finally there was my mom who answered the phone only to hear me burst into tears and wail something to the effect of: “Mommeeeeeeeyyyy I have the worst migraine, ah, ah, ah!” She dropped everything and arrived here shortly with drugs (prescription! for migraines–I’d let myself run out and she got herself to my pharmacy and managed to wrangle my refill out of them) food (raisin toast, muffins, pizza, yogurt) and her very comforting bedside manner. She fed me and rubbed my shoulders, neck and forehead until I fell asleep and took care of Little T when she woke up from her nap, allowing me to sleep off the worst of the migraine.

So overall, though I’m tempted to whine about how terrible it was (IT WAS TERRIBLE!!!) and how it felt like there were spikes driving into my skull and how my muscles still hurt and looking at the computer screen is still bugging my eyes a bit…I’m feeling pretty damned lucky, not to mention grateful.


Deb Danielle

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  1. Oh Danielle – what a lovely silver lining story. Hope you’re feeling better, but you must be, if you are able to pluck out the positives from such a horrible experience.

    Good on you.

    And a happy birthday to Michael-formerly-known-and-likely-will-be-known-again-as-The-Oppressor.

  2. Doesn’t it make you feel sorry for all the people who are truly alone in this world and have to suffer their illnesses and pain alone!
    I thought the Oppressor had a good ‘off day’ too.

  3. Joanne: Thanks! Yep, I’m much better now. I don’t get migraines often–maybe every six months now, but I used to get them all the time. Another reason to feel lucky!

    Jenny: Thanks. And I’ll pass on your b-day wishes to M.

    Cindy:(BTW, you’re still logged in as me from the last time I was at your house.) It does. I would hate to have been on my own on Tuesday.

  4. Danielle,

    First, I’m SOOO sorry about your migraine. I get them too and they’re a nightmare. Mine have been significantly lessoned since I was diagnosed with (and more importantly, medicated for) a thyroid condition –you might have your doc check it out.

    I’m glad you have such a wonderful family, and that your mom was able to wrangle some emergency meds out of the pharmacist. It’s good to have people on your side.

    Glad you’re feeling better!

    Happy Birthday to Michael!


  5. Hi everyone! I’m experiencing some weird kind of delay with my responses so if things start showing up twice or not at all, have faith that I am TRYING to respond and will have this sorted out shortly.


  6. Aw, hooray for your wonderful family! Boo for the migraine! My husband ended up in the ER last year due to an “ocular migraine.” No fun at all!!!

    Happy Birthday to Michael! Will he celebrate by filling the cars with garbage? 😉

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