Got Pearls? by Deb Jenny

Okay, so I screwed up. I thought I was supposed to write my Mother’s Day post last week. But actually I was supposed to write my inside-the-Debs post last week. Which left me with nothing to write this week because everyone else already spilled all of the gory details.

But…the timing actually worked out wonderfully. Because even though I’m not going to disclose any more down and dirty details about our year as Debs, I’m going to go one step further.

I get to announce the launch of our 2009 Debutante Search.

Got pearls?

How about a debut book slated to launch in 2009 by a major publisher?

The Debutante Ball is launching a Deb search for a group of five debut authors for the 2009 Debutante Season.

Applicants must have a debut book slated to launch in 2009 by a major publisher or established small press. Deadline for applications is July 1.

To submit your application, fill out this survey here.

For more info contact Deb Jenny (Jenny at the debutante ball dot com) or Deb Lisa (lisa at the debutante ball dot com).

16 Replies to “Got Pearls? by Deb Jenny”

  1. Yes Larramie, Gail does still have time for gloves. I need a pair too for that matter. (Unless red fleece mittens count.)

    It’s going to be very exciting to see who applies.

    And Joanne, there IS still time. I’m sending “sell” vibes your way.

  2. Oh, and Jenny, thanks for posting. It was probably good that we had one Mother’s Day related post in the lead-up to the day. Now this week the rest of us can reflect.

  3. ANd don’t ya know I came up with a really good mother’s day post idea but now it’s too late! oh well!
    Suz–I think the revirginization thing is something you should work on LOL

  4. We’re rooting for you, Joanne!!! I just sent some ‘sell’ vibes with your name on ’em to New York from Wisconsin…

    Can’t wait to see who the new Debs are!

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